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I’ve done a two tier cake, but I’ve never done a three tier! Yesterday I made a “Tranquility Cake” for my mom and dad. I know it was my birthday, but instead of making a cake for myself I made one for them. For all the birthdays I’ve missed, for all the holidays, and every […]

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Bellingrath Gardens and Mothers Day

This weekend was very special. It was my 9 year wedding anniversary and mothers day! A whole weekend specially designed for me! Actually, may is a whole month designed for me. I have a birthday in 2 weeks as well. On Saturday we didn’t have a sitter or anything so we spent our anniversary celebrating...

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Islands of Adventure or Universal Studios ?

I think I am turning into a travel blogger…Universal Studios, Medieval Times, The Biltmore, Disney, and an upcoming cruise in November. Whew. But it all started with Universal Studios. A few weeks back my dad and I went down to the Tampa area for the opening of the football season and took an extra day...

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Medieval Times (and some tips!)

A few weeks ago my dad (yes, my dad, not my child) and I went to Medieval Times on our trip into Orlando. What can I say; we are kids at heart. I have been there many times before, but it never fails to be a blast. If you have never been to Medieval Times,...

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About Courtney’s Sweets: Life: My blog is about me. My life is sweet, sometimes sour, and that’s what makes the ride more fun.  I wouldn’t change it for the world.  You wouldn’t go on a roller coaster if it was a straight line, would you? I’ve been through a lot, and it’s made me who […]

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