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sweet baby and mommy

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Mikaylee and Daddy
My blog is about me.
My life is sweet, sometimes sour, and that’s what makes the ride more fun.  I wouldn’t change it for the world.  You wouldn’t go on a roller coaster if it was a straight line, would you?

I’ve been through a lot, and it’s made me who I’ve become today.  I was blessed to find my prince charming.  After losing my parents, I don’t think I could have made it without Chris.  He’s my other half, and he completes me in every way – even more so since we gave birth to our sweet baby girl, Mikaylee.  They are my reason for existing.  I cannot imagine a life without being a wife, and most of all *Mommy*.

sweet baby and mommy

Sweet Baby: 
I shared my entire pregnancy on my blog, so it’s only natural that I would share my daughters milestones and updates.  She is such a blessing, and I cannot thank God enough for her.  She completes our little family and I cannot wait to see her grow, although I hope it goes slow enough for me to enjoy every little moment!



On my blog you’ll find products I use, recommend, and can’t live without.  I love being in the kitchen, whether it’s baking, or cooking.  It’s my happy place.  I have always loved baking; there’s nothing like being in the kitchen.  I hope you enjoy my posts, recipes, and my photographs.  My mother was the type who would cook if she had too.  I find I love to cook and bake every chance I get!  I find baking and cooking to be an adventure.  There’s nothing like finding a new recipe,  getting a new cook book, or a new shiny pan!

If you’d like to link to any of my posts please contact me before doing so.  All photographs and recipes are my own, unless other wise stated in the posts. Thanks for visiting!  I hope you enjoyed browsing my blog, any feedback is always welcome.
Wedding party
-Family is my everything

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