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I’ve done a two tier cake, but I’ve never done a three tier!
Yesterday I made a “Tranquility Cake” for my mom and dad.
I know it was my birthday, but instead of making a cake
for myself I made one for them.
For all the birthdays I’ve missed, for all the holidays,
and every other precious moment.
Baking this cake just helped me feel more at peace.
It was only my second time with fondant, and I even made a Dove (something that represents my parents to me) out of Rice Krispies and Marshmallow.
My first time ever sculpting something, and it didn’t turn out too bad!
I miss my parents more than anything, and I bake for a sense of peace.
I know when I’m baking that they’re right there with me..
I love you both so very much..

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