When is a baby not a baby anymore?

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As a parent we always think our baby is a baby.  Of course they’ll always be our baby, but they grow up.  Sweet Baby is turning into a Sweet Toddler and it’s crazy.  She’s doing the dishes, folding laundry, and even moping the floors.   Okay, so maybe stuffing Elmo in the dishwasher isn’t really washing the dishes, but she’s getting there!  Folding the laundry, she really puts in an effort and does a really great job at unfolding.. we’re working on this.  Now for moping the floors.. doesn’t every baby take out all the wet ones and wipe everything in their path?

My baby girl is singing now.. like actually singing the words of songs.  It’s been happening for almost two months and I’m still amazed and feeling incredibly blessed that I’m her mom.

She’s talking so much now and just until recently I thought she was telling me Elmo one, as in Elmo is number one.  Apparently the poor kid has been asking for Elmo’s World.  Total mommy fail on my part, huh?  Yesterday I was just cleaning up and she comes up to me and says “Mama, up!”  I love to snuggle her and she gives me a huge kiss and hug.  Those hugs are the best and the kisses I can never have enough.  It’s crazy to think just last year she was an itty bitty baby who couldn’t walk, talk, or eat on her own.. heck she really didn’t even have safe foods.  FPIES trials have slowed.. WHY you ask?  Well thankfully she rocked so many we’re working on actually EATING now.. She’s picker than I ever was and with that said she eats about a handful of her actual safe foods.   Who doesn’t have a picky kid at toddler age anyhow? One of her new favorite foods is pizza.. or “petza”

Anyway, my baby is still my baby.. and she always will be.  Now I’m going to go swaddle her and put her in her bassinet  KIDDING!  She’s going into an 18 month sleeper and on a big girl bed.. SAY WHAT!

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