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My Sweet Baby Girl.. FPIES hasn’t been easy and not the fun in the least bit, but when we have a food pass it’s like Christmas morning!  When we do trial there’s no way to know if she’ll pass or fail the food, just hope and fear.  FPIES isn’t something you can predict, and that’s the scary part.  I have such a big happy heart right now.. My baby.. she PASSED PORK!  This is our second official protein!  Salmon and Pork!  Thanksgiving was incredible!  We made an entire pork roast and shared it together as a family along with mashed potatoes, corn, and some broccoli!  Her list keeps growing and I hope that soon she outgrows FPIES all together!

sweet baby

Soon we’ll be trialing spinach and if that’s a pass soon after we’ll trial eggs.  Eggs is a bit more scary for us since Chicken is one of her triggers, but eggs would open so many opportunities for her.  Worst case scenario it’s a fail and we do the whole ER trip and add it to the trigger list.  I really hope that list stays at 3; Chicken, Oat, and Soy.   I look forward to her eating new foods.  Her absolute favorite foods are oranges, blueberries, quinoa, and tortilla chips!  Who am I kidding?  SHE LOVES FOOD!  She loves each and every single food that we have given her.  That includes prunes too!   I look forward to our future passes and more awareness for FPIES.  Hoping our journey can help those who are undiagnosed!  You are not alone.

So today I’m feeling incredible, and all sorts of happiness.  Excited for our next trial!

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