Tiny Love Gymni Bouncer and Follow Me Fred!

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Sweet Baby loves to relax and play in her Tiny Princess Gymini Bouncer that Tiny Love gave her for review!  She also loves her Follow Me Fred!
I am so upset we didn’t have the bouncer sooner.  We have a bouncer from birth but once she really started to engage and interact she needed more things to get her attention .. ours just had two plush toys, while great for newborn – not so great for exploring infant.  

She loves when I put the arches right above her so she can play with all the toys!  She reaches, pulls, plays, and just has a grand old time in her new bouncer!  I have added a few of her other Tiny Love favorites and she loves to play with them all.  One thing we really love is the crab!  She has Crosby crab which is yellow – but this one is pink and purple!!!  Very familiar to her and she loved it since day one so this was exciting to see!  

Trying to get out!  Be sure to keep an eye on baby always – never leave baby unattended in any toy or baby gear.

where’d my toys go?!  Not totally ready for a nap but this is fully reclined. 

I really appreciate that it has a recline.. Sometimes baby falls asleep and the last thing you want to do is move them – just simply recline and let them dream away..  then put it back all the way to sitting for play!  Tiny Love products never disappoint – I promise!  Love that baby girl can still enjoy this bouncer up until 12 months!! 

Then we also had the chance to get Follow Me Fred!   Usually we get everything pink.. girl = pink.. but sometimes it’s nice to learn colors and break free from the pinkaliciousness!  Follow Me Fred is not only fun but educational for us.  We love looking at all of his colors and hopefully one day she’ll start saying the colors with me! 

Fred, come back!
Fine.. I’ll be right here waiting! 

Good Boy!

Sweet Baby has just started to sit up on her own within the past month so hopefully crawling comes soon!  Follow Me Fred is definitely going to help her with that!  Once he starts walking she gets all excited and just watches him go – I love that he has a flexible body, as it allows me to direct the way he goes.  He loves to do circles around baby

With a little touch it triggers Fred to go and his cheerful music and lively bark just excite baby girl so!  Hopefully she’ll start following him soon – and best yet.. he doesn’t shed!  We can enjoy him up until 12 months.. Hopefully we can have a real one by her first year!

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