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How To Start A Blog in Under 30 Minutes

Posted by Kasey on

How To Start A Blog in Under 30 Minutes

Thinking of starting a blog? This post will walk you through step by step on How to Start A Blog in under 30 minutes AND make money! Have you ever thought about starting a blog?  Maybe you want to share your life with your friends, maybe you want to talk about your favorite books or...

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How I Grew a New Blog from 400 to 40,000 Pageviews in One Month

Posted by Elna on

Starting a new blog and increasing blog traffic is a proven system that big blogs use.

And my newest blog has grown its traffic quickly.

Before I go into that, this blog, Twins Mommy, started two years ago and in it’s first month I grew my blog to 4,000 pageviews. I was ecstatic and so happy.

I decided that I wanted to try to grow my blog traffic for Twins Mommy.

So, on my blog, I charted my journey to grow this blog. I have grown the Twins Mommy blog to over 60,000 pageviews!

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How to Set Up Google Analytics and the Important Metrics for New Bloggers

Posted by Elna on

You started a blog!

Congrats mama!

With a new blog, there are so many things to focus on. But, building your foundation for growing your blog should be your primary focus.

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2 Little Unknown SEO Hacks for New Bloggers

Posted by Elna on


If you’re a new blogger, I’m sure you’ve heard this term before.

It stands for Search Engine Optimization.

In simplest terms, your blog posts can be the #1 search result on Google (or on another search engine platform) when someone searches for a specific keyword or general term.

For example, here’s the result for Pinterest groups for moms.

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How to Look Like a Pro Mom Blogger When You’re New

Posted by Elna on

You start a blog and then all of a sudden, you feel like you have to play catch up.

You have to learn all about blogging, SEO, Pinterest, Facebook, marketing, email and more. But, how can you when you’ve only been blogging for 24 days?

When I started my first blog, I was fortunate to have my husband help me with the design and development of my blog. He also helped me figure out things I wanted to know quickly.

I’m forever grateful for that. And that’s why I like sharing blogging, traffic and money tips to all of you!

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