Swingin’ Smart Keeps Baby Germ Free

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As soon as the sun started shinning and the weather started getting warmer I couldn’t wait to take Sweet Baby on the swings at our local park!  However after seeing how populated our area is and seeing over 10 kids on one swing within a half hour I was kind of concerned how dirty the swing is.  Day in and day out it’s rained on, used uncountable times, and how much poo and pee has it since?  Don’t forget drool and boogers – sure I don’t mind all that stuff as long as it’s my child’s.  No need to share the wealth there.

So I started looking for something to keep baby germ free while she could swing and enjoy without me having to sanitize the seat and rusted chains.  Then I found the Swingin’ Smart by Baby-Bee Haven.  I LOVE that it not only covers the seat but also covers the chains so baby can hold on.  It’s even nice and cushioned – so no burning fingers on the metal or plastic!  Sweet Baby enjoyed going on the swing and I had a few people even ask where I bought my cover.  I told them and they were so thankful!

There’s really no way to be too careful when it comes to you baby.  They put everything and anything in their mouth – it’s our duty to keep those hands clean, at least from germs  It’s easy to clean (throw it right in the washer) and comes with a reusable tote so it’s easy to take-along.  While the Swingin’ Smart has toy rings I do not find them to be in a good spot and will not use them as the toy will hang and touch the swing.  Thankfully the swing is entertaining enough and baby loves to enjoy swinging without the
need of a toy.

Don’t you just want one for you baby? Well, we’re giving one away  Just enter using the form below!  Good luck!

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