Sweet Baby’s First Pancakes!

Posted by Courtney Lopez on

So we’ve been eager to give Sweet Baby pancakes for the first time but haven’t been able to work with much since her food choices were so limited.  Recently we added quinoa to her diet and she’s been okay with it so I made some quinoa flour so she could have pancakes!  We couldn’t use eggs, milk, or any flour so we were really limited in our choices.  I definitely need to add some flavor to them with vanilla which we’ll trial eventually but she really enjoyed them with a little strawberry syrup I made.  The syrup we bought tasted off so we didn’t use it. 
Today she actually tried Rita’s Water Ice too!  Chocolate, mommy’s favorite.  She put her chubby little fingers in my cup and obviously got sick of her strawberry.  So far so good!  Imagine passing chocolate too?!  I’m one happy mommy with all these passes lately.  Feeling very blessed.  

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