Sweet Baby 2 Months

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Sweet Baby 2 Months Old

Seriously.. another whole month has gone by?!  I know they say babies grow up quickly, and they weren’t kidding!  Sweet Baby turned 2 months this past Tuesday and she weight 10lbs 9oz measuring 22 1/4″.   My little baby is growing so quickly! 

Sweet Baby 2 Months Old

The reason for delay is because we had our 2 month checkup with .. yes.. shots..  She cried, I cried, we all cried.. She was so uncomfortable and ran a fever shortly after.  We gave her medicine for the fever and then rewarded her with her favorite thing – a bath!  She was content, but not smiling like usual.  Thankfully she’s much better now!

Mikaylee and Mommy

News Flash, we have fingers and we’re not afraid to eat them! Mikaylee loves to nosh on her little hands as you can see in  her monthly update picture.  Her smiles are more frequent and she is so talkative lately!  She loves being with her mommy (and I absolutely love being with her too!) and gets so excited when daddy comes home from work!  She’s is looking everywhere and checking out all her surroundings.  

Sweet Baby 2 Months Old

Just a few days ago she gave me a little giggle and it was the sweetest little giggle ever!  Then when daddy was playing with her on her bouncer and I walked by she started to fuss.  I leaned down and she tried to pull herself up to get me.  My goodness this baby has my heart.. I seriously cry happy tears just thinking of these little moments.  Happy 2 Months Sweet Baby

Sweet Baby 2 Months OldLooking at mommy while daddy takes pictures – oh how I love this child!

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