Sweet Baby 12 Months

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The day has finally come.. Sweet Baby is 1!  You have got to be kidding!  It went way TOO fast!  I cannot believe it was a year ago that I was holding my precious newborn Sweet Baby.  It has been so much fun watching her grow up and develop her own little personality.  She is quite the comedian these days.

Her new thing is to wave to everyone, say hi, wave, and blow kisses.  To anyone, anywhere, every time.  It’s the best when I’m standing in a long line and everyone behind me is laughing and saying “Isn’t she so cute!”  She LOVES the attention!  Of course who wouldn’t go crazy over a little baby waving and blowing kisses?  She even knows how to bat her eyelashes and does this cute little thing when she blinks and smiles and makes a ppft sound – CUTEST EVER!

Another new thing is ffftt. She makes a sound with her mouth and teeth and does it all day.  We love growing with her and her new favorite thing is Minnie and Mickey!  Such perfect timing too since her Minnie Mouse Birthday party is this weekend!  We’ve come a far way since our FPIES diagnosis and can now eat Blueberry, Strawberries, Bananas Blackberries, Raspberries, Broccoli, Peas, and Avocado!  We stopped trialing this week because if she had an FPIES reaction she wouldn’t be herself for her birthday – that wouldn’t be fair!  So next week we’ll be trialing Chickpeas and Coconut!  Not at the same time of course!  Both of those should really give us more variety.

 We are only 27 years and 11 minutes apart.  You almost had mommy’s birthday!

Talking about FPIES – we couldn’t have a traditional cake but Sweet Baby was so happy with her cake non the less!  Oh gosh how I love this baby girl!  To think I created my best friend – mind blowing!  I can’t wait for her birthday party and to share all the beautiful pictures we take and memories we make.  Sweet Baby you are quite amazing… I love you more than anything!

I just love this picture of you and daddy!

Also.. this is a picture I took using our tripod. I just love how hubby and baby are both looking at me.  I started crying when I saw this picture.  To think I lost my parents, my family.. It killed me I was broken.  Now I have created my own family and am as happy as I can be (without my family of course – I’d be even happier if they were here!) God has a plan for us all.  I thank God he planned this for me.  I love my family, my blessings, and my life.  Chris and Mikaylee.. you mean the world to me. 
 Happy Birthday Sweet Baby!!!

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