Sweet Baby 10 Months

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This past month has been a little different.  We went from eating food to cutting food out and strictly nursing. With Sweet Baby’s recent feeding/allergy issues we were told to do so and wait until we see the specialist.  Thank goodness we go Wednesday because I feel so lost without answers.. I feel helpless for my Sweet Baby girl when she asks for num nums, or even pretends to eat – even pretends to feed mommy and daddy too.  Despite how sick she was she smiles, laughs, and always has her personality.  

Baby girl has turned into quite the little character.  She laughs and giggles.  She’ll wake up from her nap, stand up and say “huh”?  Like “Did I really just take a nap?”  So cute!  She loves to point at everything and when she points she has her middle and pointer interlocked .. love it!  She’s standing more, babbling more, and even walking around holding on to objects of course.  Just yesterday June 2, 2013 she started to stand all by herself.  WHAT?!  Yeah this is going way too fast for me.  She has 6 teeth too!  4 teeth on top and two on the bottom!

I’m so grateful that I have such a happy and healthy baby girl.  We’re anxious to get answers for her recent tummy troubles and start eating again!  I can’t believe she’ll be a year old next month!  Where does the time go??  I adore this baby so much and look forward to smothering her until she pushes me away.. even at 30 I’ll smother her.. it’s my motherly duty you know!  Ha!

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