Our Sweet Baby

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There’s one recipe that every couple makes in life.  The best recipe you could ever wish for, want, or need.  A precious sweet baby.  Sometimes you go your entire life wanting that baby, waiting for the perfect time.  You’ll never be ready, yet you’ve always been ready.  Something that tells you that the time is right.  Signs, feelings, and emotions leading until the day that you find out and see those two little lines appear.  You’re PREGNANT!


It’s at that moment where the whole world stops, you’re heart grows bigger, you’re mind runs wild, and tears and smiles follow within seconds.  It’s the moment you’re ready, the moment you’ve always dreamed of.  It’s your turn to bring an amazing sweet innocent life into this world.  They need you as much as you need them.  It’s when you become a mommy your life just makes that much more sense.

To know that you’ve made such a miracle, a blessing, which is your own beautiful baby.  It’s crazy to think that I always wanted to be the age that my mother conceived me as I conceive my own child.  What I find absolutely comforting is that not only am I the same age, but it’s the same exact time frame.  My mother conceived me when she was 26 and it was October. My due date was July 19th, but I was born on the 24th.  Now for our precious baby the due date is July 20th.  It makes me feel that much closer to my mother.  It’s the little signs that make me know they’re watching over me.  My parents would have made the absolute best grandparents, instead our baby will have two beautiful Guardian Angels.

I feel blessed, and overwhelmed with joy,
We can’t wait for our sweet baby.

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