My First Mother’s Day with Sweet Baby

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Just last year I was doing one of the most important things I’ll ever do.. I was making my Sweet Baby girl!  Mother’s Day has been a bit of a tough holiday for me since losing my own mother.  Last year I lost the two women I would wish Happy Mother’s Day – I lost my grandmother on both sides of my family within a month of each other.  Mother’s Day just wasn’t easy for me.  I know nothing I do will ever bring my parents back, and really I should move on and be happy.. but it’s just so hard and easier said than done.

Last year I knew that Mikaylee being here would help me .. not only to make Mother’s Day a little easier, but give it more meaning.  She’s made every holiday easier for me.  I used to spend every holiday crying for a bit and would just think about how they used to be.  It was almost like torture to see people celebrating their mother’s and even hurt when Chris asked me what we should get his mother.

Now they’re  more bearable, more meaningful, and almost just like they once were with them here.  I was once missing pieces of me.. but my baby has filled in those gaps.  Sweet Baby has given me so much happiness and my heart keeps growing with love for her.   There are things I miss.. Like my mother telling me she wanted jewelry (she had so much jewelry haha)  and I wish I could get it for her now and forever.  Like smelling her Jovan Musk or Design perfume.   I’m so blessed for having her in my life the amount of time I did, and I’m so thankful that she made me the woman I am today, the mom I am now, and the best friend I’ll always be to my Sweet Baby.

I can’t wait to spend my First Mother’s Day with my Sweet Baby tomorrow.  We’re going out and playing all day.  It is OUR day.  I am so thankful to be the one she calls mama!

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