Minnie Mouse Birthday Tutu Set

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Throwing a Minnie Mouse first birthday party for Sweet Baby was perfect and we were thrilled with the tutu we got to review from Happy Birthday Boutique.   The day went too quickly and I obviously wanted to enjoy so I didn’t really get all the pictures I wanted on that day.  I decided we needed some family pictures anyway and we are going to do a mini photo shoot at the park with this outfit soon!  I can’t wait to show the pictures we take – this outfit really is picture perfect!   Baby’s first year went so quick.  They really grow up before your eyes – in a blink.   Since we chose Minnie Mouse for her birthday theme we thought a Minnie Mouse Tutu was the perfect fit.

Why do I feel it was important to have a tutu set? 
1. She’s a girl and tutus are fun
2. She loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse
3. It’s hot pink and she rocks that color
4. It was made just for her.
5. She can have it forever – it was her first birthday outfit and has her name on it!
I’m a sucker for anything with her name.  Since we picked such a unique name you won’t easily find it anywhere on something so we really have to order things.  The attention to detail on the shirt was beautiful and we chose the Disney font – love!  She was pretty active crawling around, riding in a little car, and even in a high chair in her outfit.  Still perfect!  The tutu curled a bit in some places from her moving around but if you hang it in the bathroom with the shower on the steam will relax it back to normal.
Why did I choose Happy Birthday Boutique?  I feel like they have the best deal, quality, and service.  I think it’s really amazing that they offer deals of the day, quick ship tutus, and it’s not all about birthday outfits.  They have cute dresses, shoes, and much more.  I missed that cake smash moment with Sweet Baby and you know me.. I love my sweets so I can’t wait until she’s cleared of FPIES and can finally eat cake!  That’s when this mommy will be buying a cake smash set.  No one said it’s just for first birthdays!

The only snag we had was the ribbon color was off due to them running out of supply.  While I liked the pink backed ribbon with white dots the pink on white was just as cute.  We also found the onesie and bloomers a bit to big and they sent us the smaller size right away and we had it in time for her party – cannot rave enough about their customer service.  They made me one happy mommy!

If you have something to celebrate or just want to have fun, Happy Birthday Boutique has your little one covered  Be sure to give them a like on Facebook and enter their occasional giveaways! 

 disclosure: We were sent the above outfit for review purposes, all opinions are our own.

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