Living in Denial | My baby is going to be a toddler!

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living in denial

I still can’t believe Kay will be 2 in July.  I feel like I just had her – even more I feel like I was pregnant yesterday!  I still remember all the little kicks and I can even remember the horrible pain during labor.  I can close my eyes and just see and feel them placing her on me and congratulating me.  I remember the first time I nursed her when she was born.   It was not too long ago that she was saying her first words, taking her first steps, and telling me she loves me!  Now she’s telling me more and she loves me most!  I love when we’re out and about and she smile at anyone and everyone and then tell me, “Mama, I smiled!”.  Kay is just too sweet

She is growing up way too fast.  I want to cherish all the moments, and I am!  I’m so blessed that I get to stay at home with her but being a blogger isn’t really a stay at home mom in the least.  I work as hard if not harder than I did when I had 2 jobs!

baby wins her first prize

My most rewarding job is being a mother.  I can’t imagine my life without Kay!  She is my little mini me, my best friend, and the baby I always prayed for.  She is what I always dreamed of and hoped for.  I know I had Chris, but after losing my parents I felt so empty.  I finally feel that whole feeling with her here.  Now she’s growing up on me!  As she grows we have more fun too!  While I want her to stay little forever I’m also excited about all the fun we’ll have in the coming years!

win prizes at point pleasant

Yesterday we went to Point Pleasant and she won her first stuffed animal all on her own!  She totally beat Dada, Chris!

fun down in point pleasant nj

She went on rides ALL by herself.

We ended the day off by spending even more quality time with Chris on his day off by visiting the Local Urban Kitchen in Point Pleasant (JUST OPENED!).  They were incredibly sweet and even took baby’s FPIES allergies into consideration.  She loved her grilled cheese!  If you’re in the area check it out, and definitely get the guacamole, YUM!  We love their fresh organic food and of course their fresh juices!

fun at local urban kitchen point pleasant nj

I am so proud of the little lady sweet baby has become, and while she may not be a baby anymore she’ll ALWAYS be my baby

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