How I Grew to 62,000 Pageviews in 1 Month (Grow Blog Traffic Using This One Hack)

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Note: I didn’t go from 0 to 62,000 pageviews in one month (don’t I wish)! I’ve been at this a while and I show you my journey to getting to this point. This is what I did to drastically increase them in 30 days!

Did you recently start a mommy blog?

And – let me guess – you want more blog traffic!

I think every blogger, new or old, wants some traffic. Traffic can help you monetize your blog, figure out your blog’s purpose and can help you quit your day job for good.

Twins Mommy is two years old and during this time I tripled my blog traffic, grew my Pinterest followers to over 13k, and generated sales every day.

And that happened because my traffic grew.

So, how did I do it? In the beginning, I did post traffic reports and income reports, but it got hectic after a while and I stopped. But I have told my subscribers my reports and for this post, I thought I’d share this journey from getting to 62,000 pageviews in one month!

Traffic Growth on Twins Mommy

I haven’t documented each month of traffic growth on Twins Mommy, but I have consistently grown since I started two years ago.

As I mentioned after blogging for a solid three months I was able to triple my blog traffic from 4,500 page views to 18,700 pageviews. This happened last spring.

But, my traffic stalled and didn’t grow as fast and by December  2016 I was at 24,000 pageviews.


But in 2017 my traffic started growing again and a year later (this past December 2017) I neared 50k pageviews!


And in the next month – this month – I grew to 62k pageviews.

I’m beyond ecstatic this happened! Yes, I do know that there are other blogs that get this type of traffic in the FIRST year of blogging, but a lot of them rely on a viral pin or some huge influencer linking to their blog or something happenchance like that.

Well, that NEVER happened to me.

I MADE this boost of traffic happen and you know what?

You can do the EXACT same thing! (sorry for all the CAPS! When I get excited I start to YELL )

Here’s how.

Write More

Okay, it’s not that simple.

Write Every Day

Almost getting there.

Write Every Day for a Set Period of Time

There. That’s the one thing I did (and mamas, I’ve done it twice and it has worked twice!). The way to grow your pageviews is to get more pages on your blog and you do that by blogging more.

In December I created a series called the 12 Days of Pinterest Tips.

Yes, I’m crazy, but one thing I have is that I can type fast and I whipped out these posts in under two hours every day for 12 days in December.

Since I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pinterest, I knew I could write about this topic easily. Last year I did the same thing, but I wrote about freebies. So I rounded up the best freebies in certain topics.

Again, this was easy to do and didn’t require a lot of writing or time.

If you need help getting some blogging ideas, I have a video with some proven hacks. I would love it if you subscribed to my YouTube channel!

So, how exactly do you get this going if you have a new blog and you want to boost your blog traffic?

1. Outline 5-10 Post Ideas

I would probably do a shorter series than what I did to make it more successful and easy if blogging is new to you! Find one idea and five topics around it. Then try to make your posts a list post as these are easier to write.

Here are some suggestions.

Valentine’s Day

10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Husband

20 Best Valentine’s Day Cookies You Can Make

40 Valentine’s Day Quotes To Show How Much You Love Your Husband

9 Cute School Valentine’s For Kindergarten


5 Best Yoga Positions For Moms in Their Third Trimester

17 Whole30 Meal Ideas to Lose the Baby Weight

5 Fitness YouTube Channels You Need to Subscribe To

18 Fitness Blogs to Help You Lose Weight as a New Mom

New Blogger Help

5 Blogging Terms New Bloggers Should Know

10 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Post for Free

4 Best Blogging Tools to Help You Grow Your Traffic

12 Mom Blogs You Should Be Reading Right Now

2. Gather the Resources

Since these are list posts, it’s time to gather the resources. For example, go to YouTube and search for fitness channels for one of your blog posts.

Spend a night or two gathering all the resources and place them on a Google Sheet for example.

3. Find Time

As moms, this can be a challenge. When my twins are at home (which is a lot since they get sick and they have a home day), I can only write when it’s quiet. That means when they are sleeping.

During the day I do my research, my email, and my social media.

So find the dedicated time – two to three hours – to write a post a night.

Finish one post completely:

  • Edited properly
  • Pin image created
  • Facebook image created
  • Pin description written

Don’t publish this post the next day. You need a buffer of time to write this series. So, the next day write another post.

You decide how many days you need a buffer for.

4. Publish the Post

Publish the post and start promoting your post. I typically focus on Pinterest and pin my post to relevant boards throughout the day.

I then post on Facebook to groups and on my page.

For more tips on growing your traffic using Pinterest check out this post.

But, then I switch gear and write another post. So, during the day do as much as you can to promote your post. Use a scheduling tool if you work during the day and can’t manually post.

Bulk your sharing during the morning or during lunch break.

Then when it’s time at night, write your other post. Remember, you have a post waiting to go out, but don’t slack!


After you finish your series it’s time to wait. Of course, still promote that content on Pinterest and any other place you want. Don’t forget about all those posts that still need some love!!

But, to see any traffic boost you have to wait at least a month.

You might notice that after this series you get into a groove of posting more frequently. I say take advantage.

That’s what I did and I started posting twice a week for a while.

Keep the content train running and see if you can grow your traffic even more!

There You Go!

I know!

That’s it!

That’s the one thing that helped me grow my traffic. Yes, the promotion is the other side, but you need the content first.

Once you have the content you can promote that all over on Pinterest and Facebook and even Twitter.

Now it’s your turn – tell me if you’re excited to try this blog traffic hack!

Remember to pin me!