Happy Halloween 2013

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Bear Mountain
Sweet Baby had an absolute blast on Halloween!  We started the day by going to Bear Mountain first.  It’s a place we used to go before we had Sweet Baby, so it was really nice to actually bring HER there too  I can’t believe how many memories we have together and all the new memories we’re making.  This little one keeps us pretty busy these days – always full of fun!At Bear Mountain
Bear Mountain
Happy Halloween
She’s starting to talk SOOO much now.  She says: hi, mommy, daddy, bye, hello, yummy, hot, hat, head, hair, nose, boo-boo, dog, apple, oh no, and she is obsessed with Monster House – it’s kind of our favorite family movie at the moment!

Trick or Treat

I’m so enjoying all these little moments and they all go so quickly.  She really loved running around the house to house on Halloween.  She climbed stairs to doors all by herself!

Trick or Treating

She even took a little break and sat down, stood up, and waited for people to bring candy to her.. She’s a princess – although she dressed as a witch
Toddler Witch Costume

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