FPIES Emergency Room Visit

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This week has been so crazy.. Baby had an FPIES reaction.. her very first since our actual diagnosis and she hasn’t had one in months.  We we’re doing extremely well with food trials and boom it hit us.. I can’t say I knew it wouldn’t happen, but was I prepared?  Emotionally no – however I went into mommy mode and kept myself together.  She was throwing up, screaming, crying, and just in absolute misery.  What can I do?  There’s nothing that can be done aside from taking her to the ER to have fluids to prevent dehydration.  Any liquid even water would irritate her and cause her more pain.  So we went to the ER.  Vomitting started around 10:30 – 11pm  on September 1st and then she stopped and actually fell asleep.  I nursed her just a short time around 3 and thought it would be okay since ingestion was at 7:30.  Poor baby threw up and was miserable so we ended up going into get her fluids right away.  She was sick on the way to the hospital and we just knew that was all we could do.

She had a bit of a fever – also teething so that could be another reason.  They took her blood but weren’t able to get much due to the dehydration and pricked her again after she was hydrated with the IV.

My baby didn’t cry one bit.  I explained to her that mommy and daddy were there and we’re helping her.  We love her and that this was all going to go away.  It’s almost like she completely understood.  She was such a big girl.  Now we’re sticking to safe foods for 2 weeks at least.  Then we’re going to trial a yogurt that we think was safe before her diagnosis.  I was so glad that when we came home she was so happy to just snuggle, nurse, and fall fast asleep  – no more puking..

FPIES.. you stink

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