Cherish Childhood with Gymboree #cherishchildhood

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This is a sponsored post written by for Gymboree.  All Opinions are my own.

There are so many moments in life that I want to cherish forever.  The moments that I want to last forever as well.  When I had Sweet Baby I of course knew she would grow up, however I didn’t realize how fast it would go.  I feel like I just had her yesterday!  I love to play with her and now she actually play with me too!  She’ll laugh, smile, and now even talk!  Sometimes I look back at pictures and say, where did my baby go?!  Time has been flying.  

I’ll never forget her first smiles, there still sweet as ever – and now she’s perfected them!  She can make anyone smile and whenever we go out everyone just loves to talk to her.  She really captures not just my heart but everyone else’s.

and how could I EVER forget the first time you started to play with your toys?! 


The first time she was in the snow was so much fun.  This year will be even more fun now that she’ll be able to move around herself.  I really enjoyed every bit of this first snow storm with her.  Chris and I were able to be home together with her and we played in the snow until she was hungry.  We had so much fun!

This summer was her favorite since last summer she was newborn and all.  She loved playing in the sand and could have stayed in it forever if we let her.  The water was also pretty exciting stuff.  We have a little mermaid on our hands!  It’s so important that we don’t rush growing up.  I know I want her to stay my baby forever and she’ll be a grownup before we know it.. Which is why I want to cherish her childhood even more!

Below is a video Gymboree has made to help us to remember to #cherishchildhood.  We always shop at Gymboree and we’re quite obsessed with their clothing.  Beautifully done, Gymboree  We love you!

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