Baby’s First Easter Egg Hunt | Happy Easter!

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Planning Sweet Baby’s first Easter Egg Hunt was fun! I can’t believe it’s already her second Easter, it feels like yesterday was Sweet Baby’s First Easter!!  We didn’t know how to really go about it and kind of did our own thing.  Kay is a huge fan of the park so we figured it would be fun to do a trail off eggs leading to her Easter Basket.  We filled the eggs with money since she loves to put change into her piggy bank (not really a piggy but a cupcake bank!)  all of the time.   So we hopped out of daddy’s truck and went on our way to help the Easter Bunny find all the eggs before she could have her Easter Surprise ( Easter Basket ) and of course she was absolutely thrilled!

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After she found her basket we went to Grandma and Pop Pop’s house!  She had such a blast with all of her cousins!  She just loves to play around with them.  Her favorite part was when her bigger cousins (Girls) put on a Frozen Play for her!  She loved hearing them sing all her favorite Frozen songs!!

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This time last year we were so worried about Sweet Baby and her food issues.. it wasn’t until May we realized it was FPIES and then got our diagnosis in June.  Now that it’s been nearly a year we’re happy to know that so far her only triggers are soy, oat, and chicken.  That being said it was nearly impossible to find any safe candy for her as everything contains soy or may contain soy.

s'mores marshmallows

I made her some chocolate covered marshmallows with graham crack crumbs which we call marshmallow s’mores and I even bought an Easter Bunny Chocolate Mold and made her a Chocolate Easter Bunny!  I took an entire bag plus some of another bag of Enjoy Life Chocolate and it tasted delicious!  She absolutely loved it!

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I seriously cannot believe how big my baby girl is getting.  She has gotten so big in the past year and I’m so blessed each and everyday!  I hope you all had a wonderful Easter with those you love!

Sweet Baby's First Easter

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