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We’ve been using aded + anais since Sweet Baby was first born.  I love their products – the quality and the designs.   Just recently aden + anais expanded their ultra-soft bamboo line to include sleeping bags!  They’re super lightweight, breathable bamboo muslin, and they are perfect for summer nights!  The sleeping bags are zippered and zip from top to bottom.  

I really prefer to use sleeping bags over traditional footed pajamas since there is minimal movement involved.  I barely have to move Sweet Baby in her sleep and she couldn’t care if I changed her.   Plus, wearable blankets ensure baby is warm throughout the night without even using a traditional blanket that could become loose in the crib and suffocate baby.  In additional they’re recommended by the CJ Foundation for SIDS.  

So I mentioned this was perfect for summer.. Sweet Baby tends to run hot so I couldn’t keep bundling her up and even with the AC on she gets warm.   Now that I’ve switched to the aden + anais sleeping bag in bamboo she’s been cool as a little cucumber!     I also just use a long sleeve onsie underneath instead of a nightgown. 

Each sleeping bag comes pre-washed.  (Of course still wash it.. or at least I do)  The fabric is incredibly soft and made of rayon from bamboo fiber muslin.  I just love cuddling with sweet baby and this makes for even softer cuddles!   She loves her sleeping bag and doesn’t mind them.  I think she actually prefers them!  She loves to play peekaboo toes when we do changes too

We adore our aden + anais sleeping bag and truly appreciate that it helps keep baby warm, safe, and cozy all throughout the night.

Disclosure: We were sent an aden + anais sleeping bag for review, all opinions are our own.

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