8 Blog Niches That Drive Traffic and Make Money (That Aren’t About Blogging Tips)

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Want to start a blog because you hear about how amazing it is?

There are even mom bloggers making money blogging! Yes, if you’re a stay-at-home mom, you can start a mom blog!

So, I thought I’d share some of the best and most profitable blog niches for you. You may have been learning that the ONLY way blogs make money is if you….blog about blogging.

That’s not the case.

My other blog helps people become a freelance writer. It’s strictly a service-based blog and that provides most of my income.

I know so many other bloggers that don’t blog about blogging that are making a full-time income doing this. Let’s look at eight blog niches that you can start today and make money doing it!

1. Sewing

Sewing and knitting is a HUGE niche on Pinterest. It’s a visual niche that fuels the creativity for other people. It’s no wonder that you can make money as a craft blogger.

Ashleigh of  Sewrella, is a stay at home mom and crochet designer. She used her experience with designing crochet patterns to make money with her sewing blog.

She learned that crochet is a huge niche online and she used this to help her grow her blog.

In the crochet niche of the internet, I’ve found one thing to be true – lots of people crochet, but not very many are publishing new patterns and putting out content. There is a very small group of crochet bloggers out there (spend any time on Pinterest and you’ll quickly name several) dominating the market.

Her latest blog income report shows that she made over $10,000 with ads, affiliate marketing and selling her patterns on Etsy.

Wow and amazing!

2. Parenting Blog

Parenting is a profitable niche. Just think about it – there are entire stores dedicated to newborns and children. There are hundreds and thousands of products just for parents too.

This a niche that is also universal – moms are everywhere!

Carly of Mommy on Purpose is also a stay at home mom who blogs about pregnancy tips and being a mom. She quickly grew her blog to over 400k pageviews and was able to make $5,000 a month in less than a year!

Her main methods of monetization are ads, affiliate marketing and products. You go mama!

3. Health

Health and wellness are HUGE niches online. It seems that universal topics where many people know about them become profitable blog niches. And that makes sense – you are speaking to a big chunk of people in the world.

While blogging about blogging is highly profitable, you are only really speaking to a very (VERY) small percent of people in the world.

So, if you want to start a blog, think about the global scale of your blog and define your niche that way!

Jessica of Easy Living Today is a mom who shares her love of eating healthy and living a fit life.

She mostly targets her help for other moms, but her blog opens up her niche to include women that want to be healthy.

Jessica posted that she earns $12,000 a month from her blog, but recently reported to make up to $20,000 a month with her blog. Amazing!

Her main ways for generating income is from sponsored content, ads, affiliate marketing and her own products.

4. Lifestyle

A lifestyle blog is a blog with many different topics. These blogs usually target one type of demographic – new moms, college kids, pet lovers. Some bloggers think you can’t generate an income with a multi-topic blog.

The reasoning behind that is that a niche blog with one core theme speaks to one type of audience. If you can speak ONLY to them, you can help them with their problems (by promoting products and services to help them).

But, you can make money with a lifestyle topic!

Ashli of the Million Dollar Mama blogs about eight topics – from recipes to blogging to travel and more.

Ashli is a stay at home millennial mom that loves to blog about being a mom and finding creative ways to save and make money.

While she hasn’t posted a recent blog income report, I do know that she routinely makes $5000/month JUST from Amazon affiliate marketing.

5. Frugal Living

Did you know that saving money is one of the biggest niches on Pinterest? There are some massive group boards just for frugal living bloggers.

With my other blog, Smart Mom Ideas, I was going to go in the frugal living vein since one of the most popular posts on that blog is all about ways to save money. But, I found it hard to monetize.

How do you make money by giving tips to save money?

Jenny from This Tiny Blue House knows how!

What’s great about her blog is how ALIVE and thriving it is. She has created a loyal following who read her posts and comments on them. But not only that, her blog generates $1500 a month for her!

Her main monetization strategy is affiliate marketing.

6. Home Decor

Is your Pinterest feed filled with DIY projects and farmhouse decor? I love looking at pins for DIY projects to improve my home decor. It’s another huge niche on Pinterest – because it’s eye candy mamas!

Christy from the Harper House is a mom to three kids and started her blog, The Harper House, as a way to make money (and to share her love of design too!).



Her blog is filled with personal projects, new finds and interior inspiration. Her blog generates $6,000 a month from ads and affiliate marketing.

7. Newborn

Aren’t newborns just so darling and precious? But, they also come with a lot of products! From nipple cream to bottles to strollers and more.

Just like how the parenting niche is profitable, the newborn niche might be a tad more profitable.

Caroline of Swaddles n’ Bottles is making a killing with her traffic and income!

Her focus on her blog is all things baby. She’s a mom with little ones and she knows all about the newborn phase! She posts her income reports on her other blog, The Basics of Blogging.

Her most recent income report says her blog generated over $11,000 using affiliate marketing and ads.

That’s amazing!

8. Christian Blog

Many people go online not to only solve a problem, but to connect on a deeper level with others and to help strengthen their way of life. The blogger behind the Christian blog, Arabah Joy, has built a very loyal following that absolutely love her words of wisdom.

Arabah Joy’s monthly income is over $6,000, which primarily comes from eBook sales, printables and affiliate marketing.

Starting a Profitable Blog

Reading about these income reports is inspiring! There are some common threads between all of these niches to help them make money.

1. They Love What They Write About

You can tell they are monetizing their passion. They love talking about home decor or craft projects. If you are interested in starting a blog, think about what fuels your creativity.

What hobbies do you enjoy doing the most and can you turn that into a profitable blog?

2. They Know About What They Are Talking About

These bloggers know the topics they are blogging about. They’ve had experienced with them or have picked it up along the way. My freelance writing blog, Elna Cain, is based on my experience as a mom and freelance writer.

I share my strategies for landing clients with little time and how to market your business for maximum results. I’m busy and I have to be efficient!

With your blog, write about what you know about and share that with your audience. I KNOW they would LOVE to hear your tips and advice!

3. They Found Something in Common

Many of these blogs are about universal topics – parenting, newborn, travel, crafts, home decor. While there are thousands of blogs in these “common” niches, you can stand out from all of them easily – share your experiences!

For me, Smart Mom Ideas, is a lifestyle blog about universal topics – being a new mom, saving money, pregnancy and toddlers.  While I’m working hard at monetizing it, I write posts that help a large portion of people – new moms.

4. Affiliate Marketing Was a Common Monetization Strategy

You may feel pressured to create an eBook or your own product, but really, the majority of bloggers just blog and do affiliate marketing. Many of my freelance writing clients solely do affiliate marketing and make a living doing this.

If you need help with your affiliate marketing strategy, check out:

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