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kia sorento

Last month we had the chance to review the 2014 Kia Sorento SX Limited AWD for the week thanks to Kia and DriveSTI.  I’m actually in the market for an SUV or at least a Crossover SUV once our current lease is up, so it was great to see what is out there right now.  First off I was happy that I got a Snow White Pearl Kia Sorento to review, since this would definitely be the color we’d lease or purchase.  Chris has his own car for traveling and my car is more of the family/traveling car.  The Sorento allowed us to travel upstate NY,  South Jersey and a few day trips with only filling the tank twice in the entire week.  It’s estimated that you’d spend $1,500 more in fuel costs over 5 years in this vehicle, however we don’t travel that often so I think it would be less.  Annual cost would be $2,600, again for us it would be less.  One thing I’m shocked about is how much I am in love with the Sorento.  I have never even thought about purchasing a Kia, and I’m pretty much speechless .. I’m in total love with this car and almost cried handing the keys back over.   

kia dash

I loved everything about it.  Typically I go for Japanese made cars, but Korean made Kia has got my full attention.  The model we drove was fully loaded.  What wasn’t to love?

kia sorento features

Our favorite features:

    • rear camera – incredible detail/view and it even alerts you when you’re to close to an object by sounding a low alarm
    • navigation system – clear and beautiful display on an 8″ touch screen
    • adjustable driver seat with 2 memory presets.  WORTH EVERY PENNY!
    • leather seating (goodbye cloth, I’ll never sit on you again)
    • heated and leather wrapped steering wheel – ahhh
    • heated front and 2nd row seating
    • power lifegate (trunk opens and closes with ease)
    • panoramic roof with power sunshade (I will forever feel claustrophobia in any other car)
    • mesh sunblocks BUILT in windows for second row (PRICELESS)

Chris felt the ride was comparable to a luxury vehicle.  The handling was smooth and precise.  I definitely agree.  I loved being behind the wheel of this beauty.  Chris actually said he’d never like a Kia, now he sings a different tune.  Haha!   We’re both extremely impressed to say the least.  Kia has come a long way and we’re loving every bit of it!


kia inside

fun stuff:

  • v6 engine
  • 6 speed automatic transmission with sportmatic
  • 19″ chrome alloy wheels
  • bluetooth wireless technology
  • sirius/xm satellite radio
  • infinity surround sound audio system

Just a few of those many features made me sick to my stomach to get back into my car.  I’m the ideal leaser.  I get sick of cars easily and want the newest and best technology out there.  My car was good 3 years ago, but just driving in the Kia I feel like mine is well over 10 years old.. While this Kia is the top of the line I can definitely see myself leasing this exact make model.  Sticker price for all these extras included would be $41,600.  That is another reason I love leasing.  In the long run though we do plan on buying eventually and this would fit us perfectly.  We could even have a 10/100,000 mile warranty with Kia.

COST of the Kia Sorento Limited:

  • Base: $39,700
  • add-ons and handling: $1,900
  • TOTAL:  $41,600

Kia Sorento

In our current car we’re cramped, especially with sweet baby’s car seat rear facing.  In the Kia we had plenty of room.  Not only did the person in front sit comfortably, I sat comfortably next to baby as my husband loves to sit far back.  Granted if a taller person, or guy were to sit in the passenger side, they may be a little snug since it was my mother in law who sat up front

kia sorento car seat space

I feel like this car was made for my family, especially with it’s 5 Star Safety Rating.   It’s perfectly sized and offers 3rd row seating optional if we needed more space.  One of my favorite things that I didn’t mention would be that there was heat in the back row – my car doesn’t have that.  I also appreciated the charging port so I could charge my phone or even baby’s iPad without bothering my husband to plug it in up front.  This is the ideal family car in my eyes, and honestly it’s so hard to say goodbye!

kia goodbye

Disclosure: I was provided with the Kia Sorento from Kia and DriveSTI for a week  – no compensation was received.  All opinions are our own.

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