What 4-Year-Old Twins Say to Each Other

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It’s back!

Ha! Last year I wrote a post about what my 3-year-old twins say to each other and it was a hit in the Pinterest twin community! I even got an editor to inquire about my freelance writing services based on that post!

So, I thought, why not do another one?

My twins turned four years old in January and the things they say….literally have me rolling on the floor laughing. They are so innocent, cute and darn hilarious (well I think they are).

I have boy/girl twins (and NO! they are not identical! I swear, I get asked this ALL.THE.TIME) and they couldn’t be more different from each other. My son loves Rescue Bots, dinosaurs and reading informational books like books on alligators or lizards and romping around.

My daughter loves painting, drawing, coloring, dancing, jumping and reading anything about unicorns, horses and girls in pink.

L. coloring as usual and A. attempting a somersault on the couch!

They really are night and day.

Now that they are 4-years old, I’ve noticed a lot of cognitive changes. For example, they are enjoying “secrets.” They like telling a secret to us or telling one to each other. They are starting to develop a connection as a twin and it’s neat to see that.

Here are some snippets of the conversations (these are legit and real mamas!) I’ve heard between the twins and me or other people. Enjoy! Note: L. denotes my daughter and A. denotes my son.


L: Dad, do you remember that one day I was hot?

Dad: Every day you say you are hot.

L: Yeah, but you remember that ONE day I was hot?

Secrets Gone Wrong

A: L, I have a secret. C’mon, let’s go to the bathroom.

L: Okay!

A few minutes later (and me thinking what they could possibly be doing in the bathroom)

A: I have a secret and I can’t tell you mom!

L: I have a secret too. My secret is I want to play hungry hippos tonight.

A: L!!!! (upset)

Me: (trying not to laugh…)

Bed Time Talk

It’s bedtime. I tell them they can talk for a few minutes before bed.

L: A, mom says  we can talk for only two minutes.

A: What do you want to talk about?

L: I don’t know, but 2 minutes isn’t enough time.

I’m Reading, Mom!

I put the Trolls movie soundtrack on for them to dance to while I clean up in the kitchen.

I see my son, instead, pick up a reptile book and start looking at the pictures.

A minute later:

A: Mom! Can you please turn down the music? I’m reading!!

4-Year-Old Logic

Me: This is all inside out (referring to a dinosaur costume)

A: That’s because it was under a bucket.

Me: Oh (?)

Read and Count Everything

I’m reading a book about chickens to the twins. I come to a page that says chickens lay 350 eggs in one year (with picture of 350 eggs)

L: Let me count! Onnnne…..Twooooooo…..Threeee…….

Mom: (thinking: Oh boy!)

Any Minute Now

L: When is supper ready mommy?

M: Any minute.

L: I pick that minute!

My Twins Are Growing Up

It’s amazing the conversations they are having now. Dinner time is spent talking about their day and answering wild questions. My daughter is definitely the innocent and sweet one. The things she says and does!

My son, on the other hand, likes to rile things up, be more mature than what he really is and wants to be independent.

It’s never a dull day at my house!

Over to you – do you have twins? Are they the best of friends or can’t stand each other?