We’re Real Superheroes | Vroom What Makes a Superhero (FREE App)

Do you know what makes real superheroes in your child’s eyes? What would you say if I told you that we’re real superheroes? Yes, you and me! I’m so excited to partner with Vroom #WhatMakesASuperhero. I have it downloaded on my phone and look forward to doing the fun activities it has for us to do together daily.
We're Real Superheroes | Vroom What Makes a Superhero
Every day we do small and big tasks. When you do those task you may have a little one, like myself, just watching your every move. Children look up to us, they mimic our every move, that is how they learn! They soak up everything like a sponge and admire us, we’re their real superheroes, not some cartoon or action figure. I remember growing up and thinking I wanted to be just like my mom and dad. They were loving, kind, and always there for me. One thing I truly loved was gardening and cooking with my parents. I knew when I had my own child I would also teach her how to do all the things my Superheroes taught me!
From the day she was born, she has nothing but faith, trust, and love for us.
Simple things we do make a huge impact and build the foundation of our child’s lifelong learning. I can definitely say my daughter has molded herself into a mini me. She loves cooking, she is funny, she is kind, and she is so loving!
This Mother’s Day, Vroom has set out to celebrate one of these amazing caregivers, and everything she does for and with her child. This is the story of Camellia and Cammie, who became a family just one month after Cammie was born. Now at the age of five, Cammie thanks her mother, for every moment they’ve shared together—from simple games like hide and seek, to the most common of routines—like cooking, cleaning, and washing their dog. Everyday moments that have had a profound impact on Cammie’s early learning.

When I watched this video I cried. I know how much we touch our children’s lives and this is just makes me so happy to see it being shared.

Vroom helps children and parents by giving us fun brain building activities right to our phone from their app. You can share your Vroom moment and even earn badges! Little chores we do daily without thinking can be brain building activities for your child, as well as bonding time. It’s so important to get your children involved in daily activities. Whether you’re making lunch, doing the dishes or even shopping! When you include your child you’re not only bringing them joy, but you’re helping them grow, learn, and you’re being their Superhero.
We're Real Superheroes
If this is your first time here, I’m also the founder of Mini Chef Mondays. I started Mini Chef Mondays as a way of helping children get into the kitchen. This is why I just love the Vroom app, it’s on the same level of that parent and child relationship, building communication and a deeper relationship. She was so scared to get her hands into this dough and when I told her it was okay and she was me do it she did it too. Then she loved it!
Buttery Parmesan and Parsley Biscuits
I love doing everything with my daughter and I can’t wait to see what Vroom has us doing together next.
Vroom is available on Amazon Apps, Android Google Play and Apple App Store.

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