We Love Boba!

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When I first had my daughter I knew I wanted to baby wear her, unfortunately I couldn’t get wraps to work so the Boba carrier was my saving grace!  I could snuggle all day with my baby and still get things done.  I still baby wear her to this day!  Just last week we spent the week somewhere else and I thought our Boba Carrier was in the car .. well it wasn’t so sure enough I drove all the way home to get it so we could go shopping quickly to pick up a few things.

Boba Vest

I love that they make many accessories for our carrier too!  Boba just came out with a new vest that is absolutely perfect to keep my sweet baby girl nice and cozy and I stay warm too!  I have a black fleece jacket so the soft fleece of the Boba

Boba Vest

Vest allows me to wear my coat and not look silly while keeping us warm and actually looks perfect together.  It fits right over the carrier and has the ability to be used in front or back carrying.  I adore the front tube pocket that keeps my hands nice and toasty!  It’s extremely easy to put on by just putting of your head, then baby’s head, and then you just zip up the side zipper.  Happy Baby, Happy Mama!

Boba VestBoba Vest

oh and it’s official.. Mikaylee has teeth and she knows how to use them!  Just not on the Boba!  I was in the store holding her in our Boba when all of the sudden I saw her noshing away on the strap.  I knew then and there that we needed to get teething pads and fast!

Boba makes teething pads for their carriers, and even more pleased that they made them in an organic fabric.  To put them on all I had to do was snap them around the shoulder strap and let Sweet Baby chomp away!  There’s no chemicals or dyes so it’s perfectly fine to let her nosh away.  I just never knew she would actually chew on the straps.  So if you’re getting a carrier, be sure to get these cause you’ll be needing them!

Boba Vest

I also love keeping my Boba Carrier in the car, but end up bringing a huge backpack to put it in so it’s not laying on the car floor.  Another Boba accessory that I didn’t realize I would need desperately is the Boba Carrier Stuff Sack.  It is perfectly designed to hold and protect my Boba when it’s not in use.  No more bulky backpack and no fear of it laying around in the car.  I use it daily just simply put it into the sack.  It’s made of 100% cotton and it even matches the Boba Carrier 3Gs!  Just roll it on up and tuck it inside!

Boba Vest

Now I can make sure that our Boba carrier lasts long enough that I can use it for the next kiddos!  Maybe even pass it on down?   We love, love, love our Boba!  Seriously could not live without ours.  I wear it doing housework, when we’re shopping, talking walks, and so much more.  Love baby wearing.

Thank you Boba for sending items for review – all opinions are our own.

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