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My Nursery Mural

When I decided on a beach nursery, much of it was in my head. I live in the south and the view and emotions I get from going to Pensacola Beach are perceived in one way and I wanted so badly to make sure my sons room reflected that calm peace that you get when...

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Grand Finale! My Nursery Reveal!

Chase Baby Blueprint Nursery Challenge First of all, if you missed my first three posts, make sure you catch up! This adventure has been a blast taking care of getting the old purple playroom into something that is more suitable for a newborn baby boy. I would first like to thank Chase for creating a...

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Not too boy, but oh so baby…

(this is post #3 in the Chase Baby Blueprint Nursery Makeover Challenge) The time is almost here for the big reveal! It seems as soon as I get one thing done, I have 10 more that need to be completed. You would think the awesomeness of having a nursery challenge would really make me just...

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Sneaky Peek of my Nursery…

Big reveal coming soon!! In the mean time, catch up on my other nursery posts here: MomDot in Parents Magazine Nursery Makeover Challenge Homage to my Gulf Coast Roots Can you imagine what the room looks like….?

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MomDot in Parents Magazine!

This month (July) in Parents Magazine, you can see Charlotte and I (and two other bloggers) on page 16. We are competing in the Blueprint Baby Nursery Challenge. My first post for the nursery challenge is here, but please come back over the next few weeks to watch it all unfold! My nursery is all...

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