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We Are The World

I had a great childhood.  It was everything a childhood should be.  Carefree and fun.  At least that is how I remembered it. When I was 5, the song “We Are The World”, was released.  Till this day I remember all the words to that song.  I also remember the explanation given to me by […]

Crowns & Tiaras: Mompreneur Spotlight

  As you may be able to conclude from some previous posts, I am a subscription box fan!  I think they are a fun way to sample a bunch of different items and products for a particular interest.  These days it seems like there is a subscription box for almost any interest!  However, when Karla […]

Be The Kind Kid in School

My little one has now been in kindergarten for about 2 weeks.  While I can’t say she has been as enthusiastic as her first day (that’s a whole other post!),  I can say that I’ve grown even prouder of her as her journey continues. Sure I’m proud of her for trying to adjust to such […]

Are You Going To Get A Job Now?

  Last week, I met my friend for coffee to lament over our little girls going to kindergarten.  Aside from discussing how our daughters’ school days are going and how we are adjusting to the new norm, the topic of returning to the workforce popped up.  Both of us had been asked when we were […]

The Day Finally Came

She got on the big yellow school bus, the book bag larger than her.  It looked so big on her I thought for a second she might just tip over.  She was so excited for her first bus ride to kindergarten that she forgot to turn around on the top step to wave goodbye like […]