Stylish Leather Handbags from Rabeanco

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The following is a partnered post brought to you by Rabeanco.

I love color.

It makes me happy.   I almost always wear black clothing or at least darker colors, but when it comes to accessories and handbags – I love for them to be bold and make a statement.  Who needs to wear color when you’re sporting a colorful bag?   Chris bought me a bag that I really adored it was bright yellow, and super cheap but within a few months it started to fall apart since it wasn’t the best quality.  I have had friends who purchase bags for $500 and have them last a year or so.  I would love to be able to get an all leather handbag that would last me for years to come.

I recently heard about Rabeanco, my gosh!  They’re bags.. WANT!  I don’t want just one.. I want one of each  They recently just came to the US and opened their first stores here right in California.  Totally jealous since I can’t see them in person, but online is good enough!  I have a handbag obsession.  I blame it on my mother..  She had BAGS for her HANDBAGS.  Seriously.. like 5 duffle bags full.  Granted they were affordable and not the best quality so when she passed I couldn’t really keep much, but she had one for every day of the month, no lie!  I love picking out a new handbag..  I get butterflies in my tummy every time!

How adorable is this Bonham II?  The magenta just screams my name.  I love this color!  Plus with my all black wardrobe.. I’m set.  It has a detachable shoulder strap and can also be used as a cross-body bag.  Perfect for me since I like to be hands free mommy!  Obviously it’s big enough for a diaper or two

purple handbag

Another color that I really like is the Turquoise Alex handbag.  The interior of this bag has a standalone canvas pouch,  which would be perfect for cosmetics or even baby essentials in my case  I really adore the bright color.

functional handbag
The Stella my just be my favorite of them all.  It’s perfect for everyday and still doubles as a cross-body allowing me to always have hands free for baby.  With multiple compartments it keeps things organized and clutter free too!  When I’m all done with the baby days and well into the toddler ages it makes for a great classic shoulder bag.   This color.. I would wear this to sleep if I could!

stylish crossbody handbag

and now I want a new handbag.. right now!

Do you like colorful handbags?  If so what would be your favorite color handbag?

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