Starfrit Apple Pro Peeler

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The Starfrit Apple Pro Peeler is a time saver! We love this manual apple peeler over electric models. It’s reliable, easy to use, and easy to clean.
A year ago I purchased the Starfrit Apple Pro Peeler (purchase through our amazon our affiliate, and we will earn a small commission, thanks for your support!) and I even made a review video of the apple peeler on youtube. I never tried the peeler and back then I was so new to blogging, in fact, it was just a hobby. People can see the way the peeler works just as I used it for the first time. I didn’t suction it to the table which I do now, but I’m so thrilled that everyone loved our video!
This device is not only a time saver for meal prep, but it’s great for baking with apples and of course clean up is a breeze. It’s extremely easy to use and it’s also beyond easy to clean! It came with three blades and the blades stay pretty sharp for a long time. It’s a device that is great for those who love apples and it’s perfect for gift giving.
Since I made this video I’ve moved not once, but twice. I’m actually upset as I can’t find it anywhere! So what did I do? I just purchased a new one! I can’t wait for it to get it and I’ll be sharing more delicious apple recipes when we get it.
What are you favorite apple recipes?
Watch the video below of the Starfrit Apple Pro Peeler in action! Isn’t it a nifty device? I absolutely love it! The main reason I bought a new one is my daughter and her love of peeled apples. The skin is a bit tough for her to chew so we’re okay with removing the skin. The Starfrit Apple Pro Peeler makes peeling apples a breeze! We could have gone with an electric apple peeler, but that really takes out all the fun.

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