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It was 10 years ago when I met the love of my life.  Now about 10 1/2 years actually, and 5 years ago we got married.  I just recently moved to a different blogging platform and with that move I looked back at all my posts.  I have so many to fix, but I saw one of my favorites – one of my personal posts that I wrote so long ago.  It’s a post I wrote for our one year wedding anniversary.

I am not sure how many of you know but I actually met Chris online.  Not an actual dating website, but we did meet online.  I got a forward from my friend’s brother who lived up north, he apparently took her entire address book to spam and when I replied to it I hit reply ALL.  There were tons and tons of people on this list and thankfully I didn’t get tons of emails, but I did get one reply.. and it was from Chris!   He wrote to me “Um, do I know you?”.. and of course I said No.  Then we started talking after that email.  He eventually came down to meet me and even got the pleasure of meeting my parents.. Which is so very special to me.. they’re no longer with us but I treasure the fact that they met him!


We didn’t live too far apart – only 1 1/2 hours!   From then on he came every single Thursday and Friday.  I still look back and say  “Whoa!  I met you online!”  I even know a few people who have used dating websites and met their true love and have been happily married.  You just never know when love might be waiting for you.. or where it’s waiting!   Of course now I am extremely careful about replying to people, but that reply all was the best mistake I’ve ever made!  Without that mistake I wouldn’t have this perfect little family I’ve created

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