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Stylish Modern Furniture is always a drive or a click away with Raymour & Flanigan.  We were recently provided with a gift card to purchase a mattress at Raymour & Flangian  and we were extremely impressed with the service we received at their location in Iselin, NJ!

Since moving in with Chris many years ago we’ve learned the importance of having quality furniture.  Who hasn’t made a mistake of buying furniture that ends up being less than what expected?  We turned to Raymour & Flanigan about 6 years ago and haven’t gone anywhere else since.  Our first experience was a sofa purchase.  We lived in an apartment with an awkward entrance.  While we would have loved a traditional sofa it wasn’t doable because of the entrance.  Raymour & Flanigan made sure we had the perfect sofa!   Since then we’ve converted our friends and family and they also now shop at Raymour & Flanigan!  The quality and the prices just can’t be beat!

-great sales and free ice cream!-

We ended up having to purchase a reclining set, as it can be taken apart.  The first set was our absolute favorite, but unfortunately it made a lot of noises and just didn’t function to my standards or Raymour and Flanigan’s standards.  They actually stopped carrying that particular couch because of the issues.  In the process they also replaced ours with a comparable sofa that we were able to choose.  When I go to their store I see many couches are still there – if something is good they make sure it’s available.  I was very impressed when they stopped selling the previous model.  They knew it wasn’t right and didn’t want to do their customers disservice in the process.  I love who they are.. Honest!  We’ve been many places and seen many prices and quality.  You do get what you pay for and thankfully their quality is great – plus they always have sales!  Make sure to ask before purchasing about what sales they currently have!

So now about my recent shopping experience.  We needed a new mattress so we were excited at the chance of going to shop for one!  We’re very sensitive to chemicals so we had a bit of a tough time picking one out as they don’t have many mattresses that are free of them. (The government requires mattresses to have a certain amount of chemicals in our mattresses to make it fire-proof)  The off-gassing chemicals were a little too much for us and they swapped out our first choice for one that was a little less chemically made.

We had told them our concerns about the chemicals and rather than having us chat with another sales rep they actually set us up with their mattress specialist.  He walked us through the brand he thought would be good for our family.  We went with a Simmons Mattress that has a CertiPUR-US certification that has limits for amounts of chemicals in the mattress foams as well as forbids certain chemicals in them.

Overall Raymour & Flanigan was MORE than accommodating to our situation.  The staffs knowledge really helped us in making the best choice for our family.  There is nothing better than going into a store and them greeting you and truly wanting to help make your home a happy one.  Sweet Baby really enjoyed going around and playing in the store.  It was like a toy store for her.  She was overjoyed looking at all the beds but even enjoyed the couches too!  Sweet Baby is a fan of this sofa for the “buttons”

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disclosure: Raymour & Flanigan provided us with a gift card to purchase a mattress.  All opinions are our own.

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