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Sweet Baby really enjoys bath time!  So much that she barely ever wants to get out of the bath – talk about a summer baby, she’s it!  I can’t wait until we actually take her swimming during the summer.  For now we’re really enjoying our long baths with splashing and playing.  The not so fun part is sometimes getting out – it can be chilly for my wee baby girl.  She always cuddles up to mommy with her knees folded and snuggles me really tight after I take her out and wrap her in her towel.

Puj Hug Towel

Puj Hug Towel
I’ve found that almost all baby towels we’ve tried aren’t the greatest.  I even went and bought her a $30 towel that was organic and it barely keeps her warm – it’s even rough on her skin.  Trash!  So we were thrilled to try out the Puj Hug!   I can safetly scoop up baby girl from her bath and literally hug her with the towel.  The towel it self is so soft and thicker than most making sure to keep her comfortable and dry her at the same time.  Sometimes she craps the silicone tabs that wrap around my neck to create the hug (hands free also!), thankfully they’re BPA-Free and PVC Free silicone.  All 100% machine washable!
Puj Hug TowelPuj Hug Towel
All you need to do is connect the two tabs behind your neck and hug baby with the towel.  To put the hood on baby’s head you simply pull it out of the loop and place it on baby’s head.  We really enjoy the extra snuggles!  I can say she has stayed in her towel longer now that she is actually getting dry and of course she’s content because it’s just so comfortable and soothing for her.

Puj Hug Towel

LOVE the Puj Hug – it’s good for newborn to 2 years of age.  After that you can purchase the Big Hug which is for 2-8! 
Puj  Hug Infant Bath Towel
Disclosure:  I was chosen by PUJ to test out the Puj Hug

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