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Yesterday I was contacted by the co-owner of Posh Play.  I received their Play Mat around a year and a half ago for review as a part of my holiday gift guide.  She contacted me letting me know that there was a “flaw in the fabric and decided to pull it from the market place” and even though I didn’t purchase it, they’d like to replace it if I had the eggplant color.

Flaw in fabric?  No big deal, right?  It’s just a flaw in the fabric, right?  Well in reality it’s much bigger than what I would consider a flaw.  I insisted that a flaw is fine, it’s a pricey product and wouldn’t want to just toss – however when someone says flaw I think of stitch error, size, shape or color, and definitely NOT something that is over the CPSC’s recommended lead limit.  The recommended lead limit is 100 parts per million.  The Eggplant products from Posh Play have/had 834 parts per million.  Although they offered a replacement I cannot consciously allow any of their products into my home.  Despite how safe they tell me it is.

The fact is many small businesses (and big ones too!) can make mistakes.  Just like Gordon Ramsey’s Show Kitchen Nightmares, not every small business owner is ready to be an owner of a business.  When you put a product out there you’re not only responsible for the product, but for the safety of your product.  While I appreciate that Posh Play has informed all their customers about this “mishap” I am a little upset that I wasn’t notified until months later since it was a review.

Sure they let me know, I should be happy right?  Well not really.  If they had done their own testing (from the start) instead of trusting China’s reports (really who trusts that!?) and actually knew what their products were made of, this would have never happened.  What concerns me is this wasn’t just in mats but also in bibs, changing pads and more for children.  Lead is extremely dangerous and something this serious shouldn’t be taken lightly.  I will now be looking closely at every single thing that is brought into our home and most of it will not be from China.


We love letting baby play where ever she wants and thanks to the Posh Play Play Mat we can literally play anywhere!  Their products are PVC free and designed with attention to detail by a moms just like me!  She made sure that it wasn’t only safe but stylish and durable too!  They’re products are easy to wipe clean and perfect for out and about!  Posh Play Mat offers changing pads, bibs, play mats, and even diaper clutch combos!  All safe and styled beautifully.
posh play mat
Eco-friendly, reversible play mat made of PVC free faux leather. Indoor/Outdoor use. Portable. Wipeable. Play mat, splat mat, picnic or field blanket. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. 50″ x 45″  All Posh Play products are PVC free and have been designed by a mom, with detailed attention to style, function, durability, quality, and safety for your child. Heirloom pieces grow with your family. Completely wipeable. Completely cool.

posh play mat eggplant

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