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Ornaments with love

Finding the perfect Christmas ornament used to be so incredible hard.  I am one who loves options and personalizing, so for me Ornaments with Love is perfect!  We were asked to pick out an ornament for review and I was a little nervous with the one I chose at first.  I actually let Chris help me decide and the one he chose looked like the hats were a silverish color.  Since it’s the one he wanted I couldn’t say no.  When it arrived I was beyond thrilled!  The hats are actually a beautiful Christmas green!  I’m so grateful I took the chance because this is my favorite ornament ever!  It’s fun, it’s colorful, and it’s US!  Best of all they’re affordable!

Personalized Ornament

Christmas is such an exciting time of the year and getting little things like this just makes it a bit more Merry!  I love giving ornaments as gifts too.  When my job had secret Santa I had no clue what to get someone so a personalized ornament is the perfect secret Santa gift in my opinion  Who doesn’t love something made especially for them?  It’s so much more special that way!

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I’m feeling extra Merry already, how about you?!  Who wants to win their very own personalized ornament?  Just enter using the form below


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