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With Sweet Baby finally passing so many foods (just recently passed wheat, hooray!) we can enjoy more treats!  Our one hurdle is ice cream and cake.  She still hasn’t had either since she can’t have eggs and couldn’t have a flour until recently.   We actually have a powerful blender that can pulverize anything and I heard about TruMoo.  TruMoo is flavored milk that is nutritious and delicious!  I feel a little better that it contains no artificial growth hormones and also has less sugar and calories than other chocolate milks. TruMoo DOESN’T have any high fructose corn syrup either!

one ingredient ice cream

TruMoo is creamy, so as soon as I tried it I knew what I wanted to use it for.. ICE CREAM.  My girl can have ice cream made from TruMoo!  I simply froze some in ice cube trays overnight and made ice cream in literally 3 minutes. CRAZY, right?!  Just ONE ingredient for ice cream.  Since Sweet Baby has FPIES we’ve always had to be extremely creative in the kitchen, it was nice to finally just let the one ingredient do all the work.  No mixing, no measuring, just pure goodness from TruMoo!  By the time baby finished it was a DELICIOUS milkshake!  I just used a straw to enjoy it.. no judging right?  Baby gets her calcium, vitamins, and her dessert in one bite. HOORAY!  You should see me try to give her the vitamins she has to take, she hates them.. if only it was easy as this!

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tru moo ice creamone ingredient chocolate ice cream

I know we always look for simple and delicious recipes.  Well this is one that’s both.  Who knew making chocolate ice cream was THIS easy?  It’s egg free too!  You can add whatever toppings you’d like.  Be sure to check out TruMoo for more recipes and updates!

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