Nursing in public like a champ

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Baby girl will nurse anywhere and everywhere.  My favorite so far?  Nursing while walking on the beach.  Incredible.  I want to nurse there and live there in fact..

I’m sick of people being afraid to nurse in public.  I’m sick of a mom and baby thinking they have to hide something that’s natural.  Breastfeeding IS natural.  Instead I think we need to stop nursing on cows, but that’s a different post.

Nursing comes naturally to me and I love to nurse my daughter whenever she need to nurse.  She’ll be 2 1/2 soon and I don’t think we’ll be stopping until she wants to at least.  She has FPIES so we’re extending because of that as well.  EVEN if she didn’t I always planned to nurse until at least 3 years old.  There really is no reason to stop a child at 6months or a year.  She refuses anything but water and breastmilk.  They’re both good for her!  I love that we could nurse in public hands free breastfeeding in the Boba.  I must say the Boba 4G Carrier soft structured carrier is my favorite.  I have a few carriers, but this by far is the most comfortable carrier I’ve ever owned.

I originally wrote this post 2 summers ago and then I was browsing the blog and just reminiscing.  Sweet baby girl still loves to nurse and we still love to baby wear too.  This carrier actually broke and broke my heart with it.  Thankfully Boba replaced it under warranty and let us keep a piece of this one before sending it in.  This baby carrier carries so many beautiful memories.  It was my first baby carrier and I carried my first baby too!

I nursed in it, she noshed on it whenever she was teething and we just had so many amazing times in this carrier.  It was my go to carrier and I kept it in the car so that I could have it at all times.  I love the color purple and it really made me sad to know that they discontinued this print.  This print is gorgeous, is it not?  Well because I was so upset they even sent baby girl a carrier for her babies.

It wasn’t just any carrier, but the same print that I carried her in.  Her new Boba Mini Doll Carrier in Lila will create so many beautiful memories for her too.  Plus she’s already nursing in public with her carrier.

boba mini

 this post contains affiliate links – thanks Boba for the mini!

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