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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Zarbee’s Naturals. I received product samples and a promotional item as a thank you for participating. #MC #ZarbeesCough 

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Natural cold remedies aren’t the hardest to find these days, but one that you can trust are.  With Sweet Baby having FPIES (food allergy) we have to be even more careful of the medicine we choose for her.  Thankfully there’s a father who has four boys just as worried about his children’s health, as I am about Sweet Baby’s.   Dr. Zak created Zarbee’s Naturals, and guess what, he’s not just a father, but also a pediatrician!   In 2007 the FDA declared that cough syrup wasn’t safe for children under four.. Dr. Zak and his wife set out to create a great tasting and effective cough syrup, and they did it naturally!    zarbees naturals cough syrup

I am proud to be a Zarbee’s Natural Ambassador.  I’m always looking for the best and safest for my daughter and I love that Zarbee’s using all natural ingredients without the use of drugs, alcohol, dyes, or gluten.  Pediatrician recommend AND developed  Mom’s with infants 2 months + can rest assured with this safe, natural, and effective cough syrup for baby, children’s cough syrup for children 12 months+, cough syrup + mucus relief for children 12 month , and children’s cough syrup nighttime for 2+!  Naturally soothes sore throats with an immune boosting formula, making it a favorite for mom and dad too!

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They have a store locator on their website and I already made sure it’s available locally in quite a few stores for us, thank goodness!   When Sweet Baby gets sick the last thing I want to do is give her chemicals that could harm her.  We’ve been extremely lucky (knock on wood) that she’s only had one cold so far this season and I really didn’t know what I could give her safely, some medicines even have soy, which she’s allergic to from FPIES!

At the first sign of baby being sick I make her favorite soup, get her favorite blankie, and we cuddle on the couch while she nurses.  I also have the humidifier ready and going too.  Now I have a full supply of Zarbee’s Naturals in the cabinet too!  It’s the #1 Natural Cough remedy.  Made from a dark honey-based formula for kids and a new agave syrup-based formula for infants two months and over!


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