My grandpa is amazing!

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Last year we lost my grandma.. it was so incredibly hard on our family.. I lost my grandma on my mom’s side and my father’s side a month apart.  Hubby lost his also in between them.  The only thing that made two of them a little easier is knowing that two of them were going to be with their other half.. Where as my dad’s father.. he is now riding solo.  When I lost my parents my grandparents became that much closer to me.

I’m so blessed to still have my Pop Pop!  Can you believe I still have my great grandfather on my dad’s side too?  I always wonder how old my father would have gotten.. instead of dwelling on the past I try to look at the here and now.  I’m so incredibly blessed.. blessed that I have so many amazing people in my life.  I just went to my sister’s for the day last week and every single person in my family that lives close by was there.  Both my mom and dad’s side!

My Pop Pop is one person I couldn’t wait to see.  My grandma is still his everything.  He visits her grave every single day – rain, shine, even snow.  They were inseparable.  I am so glad to see him happy – not mourning, but almost celebrating.  He has made her grave so incredibly beautiful.  He has all her favorite things – even a tin for cookies which he brings a cookie to put in there almost every time he visits.  We did a lot while visiting family.. but this was just so memorable.  We also visited my parents grave.. it was hard.. but thankfully I had Chris and my sister there.

So like I stated.. Pop Pop, you’re amazing!  I can’t wait until I live close by again.  I promise.. it will happen!

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