My Blogs, How I Make Money And How I Have Time For It All (With Twins in Tow)

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I have a confession to make –

I’m a serial blogger and entrepreneur.

Twins Mommy is not my first or last blog. I have other blogs – some of which bring in most of the income – and I plan to have more niche type of blogs.

Why do I do this?

I absolutely LOVE blogging and helping others.

I’m an introvert IRL but online, I love collaborating, helping others and creating content and products for others.

And you know what?

There are other mom bloggers with multiple blogs doing the same thing! So, I wanted to share all the blogs I have or am affiliated with and tell you more about them – like if they generate income – and why I started them.

My First Blog – Innovative Ink

Innovative Ink was the first site I put up with the intention of marketing my freelance writing service.

Before that, I was trying to be a freelance writer, but only getting paid pennies for my work. I knew that if I created a professional looking site, I could market it and at least show prospectives what I do and how I could help them.

The look of this site has changed drastically from when I put it up almost three years ago.

I had a blog on this site, but I was blogging about freelance writing and wasn’t using it as a way to get clients. About a year later I moved my blog to where it is now (but I’ll get to that later).

This little site has helped me land high-paying work and consistent and recurring work from influencers, small businesses, and brands.

Within six months of putting up my website, I was earning a full-time income only doing this part-time. My twins were around 19 months old when I started this.

I typically charge $200 per 500 words. It’s not unusual for me to charge $600 for a basic blog post in my niche.

I still freelance write, but I have diversified my income streams, ensuring that the business is growing every day. So, I plan to keep this blog up and link to it when I pitch or guest post on relevant sites.

Elna Cain – My Freelance Writing Blog

I moved my blog from Innovative Ink to Elna Cain as a way to help new freelance writers start their successful journey.

I didn’t feel that Innovative Ink would help grow my blog and that was the main reason for moving it.

I fell in love with blogging for my clients and wanted to blog about what I was learning as a new freelance writer.

Shortly after starting this blog, I opened up coaching for new writers. For around six months I did 1:1 coaching, but I had to stop that service because of time commitments.

I needed to find a way to offer my help exclusively but limit the time of doing that. That’s where course creation comes into my life!

I decided to create a course for freelance writers. It took me a long time to publish it (four to five months). I had many clients and had my twins to take care of, and the course became comprehensive.

I launched Write Your Way to Your First $1k in November 2015. It went through a complete revision in 2017.

The biggest thing I did when I revised my course was moved it from hosting it on my site to Teachable and redesigned my sales page as well as re-wrote my sales page copy.

Since doing that, it has been generating multiple sales every single day!

I recently created a new course in November 2017 – Writer Website In a Weekend – which is a video course that walks you through how to set up a self-hosted WordPress site for your freelance writing business.

It took me over two years to create a new course because I was busy with other blogs!

My plan though is to create highly valuable and ultimate guides to help writers and create one more course.

Freelancer FAQs – A Blog I Took Over

During the time I launched Write Your Way to Your First $1k a fellow freelance writer – Alicia Rades – stared a new blog called Freelancer FAQs.

A few months later she emailed me and asked if I wanted to take over the site. She was busy with client work and just couldn’t keep up with the blog.

I thought about it for a while and decided that it would be a good platform to market my writing course and free courses as well as drum up some authority in the freelance writing niche.

My role on this site is to oversee the blog. It’s primarily a contributorship blog where I have guest posters create the content.

I occasionally write a blog post when I have time. I also have a set of regular contributors that post on FreelancerFAQs to help with having consistent posts.

But, we are all busy and, lately, the content schedule is sparse.

But, this site is aged, and it’s been voted as one of the Best Websites for Writers in 2016 and 2017 by The Write Life.

Any income that comes from this blog is from the links to my freelance writing course or free courses. I do not do affiliate marketing or sponsored content on this site, and I don’t plan on doing that quite yet or if at all.

Right now, I plan to redesign the brand and focus on more freelancing type of content to broaden the niche. I also want to change the lead magnet, but I just haven’t had the time.

Life Style Body – Passion Side Blog

LifeStyleBody is an old site that doesn’t have much attention as I would like it to have, but I’m into health and fitness and want to get this blog going.

It’s another contributorship blog, but it’s not open to the public anymore (just for my course students that want to guest post).

It does not generate income (unless readers click on my link to my freelance writing course) and I’m not sure how I will monetize it later.

Right now this blog has content on lifestyle, health, fashion, and beauty. But, I plan to focus on just health. I don’t know what else I plan on doing since this is a side project and something I’m not focussed on.

Twins Mommy

Twins Mommy is my first time at really blogging.

Up until this point, I was only managing blogs or just blogging on my Elna Cain on freelance writing.

I never blogged about being a mom to twins or working from home or even connecting with other mom bloggers that are doing the same thing as me.

And since I LOVE blogging I wanted to start this new adventure. I thought I could help other work at home moms or stay at home moms that want to start blogging.

I launched Twins Mommy in March 2016.

This opened the door to collaborating with other mom bloggers, and I was able to try new marketing tactics to grow my email list, my income, and traffic.

I never focussed on growing my blog or email list on any of my other blogs. My Elna Cain blog has a free course, but I don’t heavily market it.

Because as you see, FreelancerFAQs and LifestyleBody don’t get my full attention.

I don’t market it or promote it as much, so there isn’t a lot of traffic coming to those sites. And that’s fine by me!

My Elna Cain site gets traffic, but it’s mainly because I’ve become an authority in Google’s eyes on the topic of freelance writing. This helps generate organic traffic to my site.

So, with Twins Mommy, I was going to try something brand new, and I was super excited by it (and still am).

First, I wanted to be authentic and tell my journey of growing my blog to my readers.

Next, I wanted to try new tactics to grow my email list like doing content upgrades, webinars and doing a giveaway.

I wanted to try to monetize this site in the “traditional” sense of doing affiliate marketing.

Finally, I wanted to help my subscribers and readers with more tips for growing their blog, so I created Ready Set Blog For Traffic and Ready Set MailChimp for Bloggers.

I have over 800 students in Ready Set Blog for Traffic and close to 100 students in Ready Set MailChimp for Bloggers. I’m ecstatic by all of that!

Recently, I tried a new tactic on Twins Mommy by offering a tripwire product.

A tripwire product is a lower priced product that you offer as a one time deal. You typically offer it after a reader signs up to your list.

This warms a potential buyer and makes it more likely they will buy from you again in the future.

When I created my free Pin Promote Planner in December 2017, I also created a one time offer for my Pinterest Perfection Masterclass.

This was a slide presentation + live tutorials that I created for this new strategy.

You can only see this if you sign up to my Pin Promote Planner freebie, and you’re not on my list already.

Taking that into consideration, the conversion rate is terrific. It hasn’t even been a month, and I already have 50+ students enrolled!

I love growing Twins Mommy and helping moms make money blogging. I’ve built this brand to be authentic in who I am and what I do.

Because of having Twins Mommy, I was offered a Facebook group, which I collaborated with another blogger called Mom to Mompreneur.

I recently took over the group, and I’m shocked by how fast it’s growing and what amazing moms that are in this group!

Twins Mommy has also helped me grow my Pinterest presence!

Pinterest Analytics Jan. 2, 2018

I’m working hard on cracking the Pinterest code, and I’m succeeding (yay!) and have been sharing as much as I can with you!

What’s my plan for Twins Mommy? I told my email list my top goals for this site:

Today I want to share my top goals I want to achieve with Twins Mommy. Twins Mommy is a site to help you – mom blogger – earn an income from blogging.My top goal for 2018 is to provide more help in that way. I strongly believe income is tied to targeted traffic and I’ll spend my time online helping you with attracting your targeted audience.This will turn into income for you! Yay!! My other top goal is to help more moms start a successful blog/business. I do have some course ideas, but they are still brewing in my head.

My goals are bit broad, but I’m okay with that. I do have a course idea for my freelance writing blog, so that means less time on this blog and my other blogs.

Also, another goal for the business is to acquire or create more niche type of blogs.

Smart Mom Ideas – My Newest Blog

Oh, my!

A new blog! Yikes.

I recently took over Smart Mom Ideas after a blogger friend said she couldn’t manage it. I was helping her with it from the very beginning, so it was a no-brainer to take over it.

It gets 300-500 visitors a day, and often has spikes of 1000-2000 days. This is surprising since it has been neglected for months (but that’s the power of Pinterest and legacy pins!).

Smart Mom Ideas will have topics for new moms, pregnant moms, and moms with toddlers. I know. That’s a huge audience on one blog.

What I’ll have to do is see which audience I attract the most.

If it’s mostly moms with toddlers, then I’ll create content for them. But if I attract new or pregnant moms, then I’ll make that the focus.

For now, I’ve created all sorts of parenting type of content and am having fun. I do have Amazon as an affiliate for this blog, which is totally new to me.

I missed the whole gift guides this past holiday with Smart Mom Ideas.

I was too busy creating my trip wire and the 12 Days of Pinterest Tips posts, as well as my free Pin, Promote Planner.

I want to get started on the whole “new health” kick for Smart Mom Ideas, but with my looming client work, I’m not sure if I can do it all!

I plan to create valuable and helpful posts and try to create income with promoting Amazon stuff. 

How I Make Time to Blog on Multiple Blogs

I love blogging so much that I could probably blog all day.

But that’s not healthy (sitting can be worse than smoking!) which is a good thing.

When my twins were little, and at home, I did all my work when they slept. But then they lost their day nap, and that cut down my productivity a lot!

So I had to find ways to slip in some business during the day.

I’m okay setting up play dough and letting my little ones make a mess for an hour. I’m also okay if I dump a load of towels and they have fun trying to fold towels for a half hour.

I find ways to occupy their time and do my best to get my work done.

Right now my twins are with their grandparents, and I have about an hour to write and get this post ready. That’s enough time for me.

When my twins are sleeping, I work on client work and course ideas/lessons.

I try to focus on the things that will generate income, traffic or more email subscribers.

I’m working hard at not wasting time scrolling my Facebook feed or Pinterest feed (which is still very had for me not to do!).

Finally, I repurpose a lot of content which cuts down time almost in half.

Do You Have the Entrepreneurial Bug Too?

Do you have that itch of wanting to do something new every few months?

Or, thinking about starting a blog? Do it! It WILL change your life!!

Let me know in the comments if you have multiple sites! I want to visit them!

Please pin me!