Mother’s Day

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Mommy and Me.

Mother’s Day…  This year it will mark the 5th Mother’s Day that I haven’t seen my mother’s smile, felt her tight hugs, or just tell her how much I love her.   My mother was, and will always be one of the most important people in my life.  Not only do I think of her daily, but I talk to her throughout the day when I need someone to talk to.  She always listened, and now she listens from above.

To this day, if I smell Design or Musk I get pretty upset.  She always smelled so good.  I can’t eat clams without a smile.  I always walk with my right foot first, momma’s orders!  There’s so many little things I miss. So many things we take for granted.  I told her I loved her every night before bed, made sure she always had her favorite tea.  It’s the small things I miss most.  

Growing up life was sometimes hard..  We lived in a beautiful home, full of love and happiness.  It was in 1991 that both my parent’s became disabled.  It was months apart, different accidents.  My mother had gotten hurt at work, and my father on the way home in a car accident.  Our lives changed forever.  I was only 6 at the time, and my little sister was 3.  Mommy and daddy no longer went to work.  Instead they were home.  My mother had a surgery on her back that went horribly wrong, furthering her disability.  
My mother always said, “Courtney, we may not be rich in money, but we’re rich in love” and she was right.
Love is far stronger, and much more valuable than anything.  A mother’s love, a father’s love, can’t be bought, nor sold.  It’s life-long.  
I’ve always dreamt about becoming a mother.  I took the best care of my parents, helped babysit my cousins, worked as a nanny, and my job now is taking care of children with multiple disabilities.  I love to help, and I do it whole-heartedly.
I just can’t wait for the day where I can bring a part of me into this world.  To hear the words “Mommy”.

I have to admit, I may have a slight case of baby fever.  Baby bumps are all around, and I can’t wait for God to bless us with a bump in this little family!  

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