Memorial Day Outside Fun

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My goodness is it just me or is this year going by super fast?   Soon it will be Memorial Day and I’m getting a few things ready for the kiddos to play with so they can have fun too!  Some people think they need to break the bank doing so but not us!  We’re all about good quality fun at great prices  Everyone will most likely be down the beach, but we’ll be at grandma and grandpa’s Barbeque (BBQ) outside enjoying hopefully sunny weather on Memorial Day!

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It’s not a secret, I love to shop at Duane Reade!  In fact I went and bought fun items for all the kiddos to play with!  First I bought a fun beach bag that will be perfect to hold all the goodies in, then I purchased a bunch of punch balloons since they’re 2/$1!  I am heading to NYC tomorrow for TechMUNCH so I’ll be on the hunt for more of these balloons too!  We only want memorial day colors to make it more fun!  I bought bubbles, because outside fun isn’t complete without bubbles, and a soccer ball too!  Stay tuned on our instagram, you’ll for sure see baby girl playing with the ball at night time and see it light up too!  I figured my mother in law would have a bunch of food so I wanted to get some snacks for all the kids but she said don’t worry about it.. so I figured Kay and all her cousins love pirates booty and juice so we bought that too! Now the kids can have their own fun little picnic.  I spent a little under $30 and the kids will have a blast!   Honestly I could have bought just the punch balloons and they would have been happy.  Look how much fun Kay had just testing them out

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I also bought Kay a light up bracelet that had Minnie Mouse, but made the mistake of letting her use it at the park and now it’s MIA must get another!  Kay loves going to Duane Reade with me and pulling along the car, she’s too funny putting things in on her own now too!   I bought her some ice cream cone chalk back in January at Duane Reade but couldn’t find that, so will also be checking for more of them in the NYC stores.  She still has them but we need more so all of them can have an ice cream cone to draw.

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The best part of Memorial Day is just being together and thanking all those who have fought and are fighting so hard for our country.  We love to watch the Memorial Day parade at Grandma and Grandpa’s – just looking back at how big Kay has gotten!  She is going to have even more fun this year!

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