Loaded Garlic Chicken Breasts

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How do you make your chicken?  We eat chicken about 3-4 times per week when we’re not eating fish or another source of protein.  I like trying it different ways but for some reason I always make it with LOTS of garlic at least once a week.  I love actually cooking it in a garlic sauce and the chicken just absorbs all the flavor – makes for a perfect meal for my husband and I.. of course sweet baby too!  Although she’s not too fond of the chicken texture right now.

We typically eat a starch or grain along with our protein and you can’t forget something green!  My husband can eat at least two chicken breasts for dinner – he needs his protein so I try to add quinoa to our meal at least 4x a week!  I like to cook mine with water and then add the flavor – our favorite way is a little onions chopped up sauteed with a little olive oil and then tossed into the cooked quinoa.  Sometimes we even add in some chickpeas and tomatoes.. yum!

So I use a ridiculous amount of garlic.. like an entire bulb.  I used to mince it by hand but I’ve been using my KitchenAid Handblender.  LOVE this gadget!  So what used to take me forever to minced.. now takes seconds and I can even add in the dried parsley and olive oil!

I simply pour the mixture over the chicken while it’s cooking and it couldn’t be easier!  Garlic, Parsley, Salt, and Olive Oil.  Ridiculously easy!

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