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Dyson DC41
The best way to keep a wood floor clean.  Clean it often.  On a typical week I will go around the house with the broom about 4-5 days out of the 7.  The past week I only did it once and then went around with my new Dyson DC41 Animal Complete that we were sent to review.  I even let baby get a little messy in her high chair which she does on a daily basis and left it there on the floor just waiting for the Dyson to swoop it up!   I’m always busy – being a mommy there’s never  too much down time because I’m also a housewife as well as a blogger.  There’s always something that needs to be done around here and I’m so sick of busting a sweat sweeping all over and under everything.  My favorite part about sweeping is when you go around with the broom and then realize you missed little bits and pieces.. isn’t that the greatest?

For us the true test for the Dyson was how well it would pick up all these little amazing bits that the broom left behind – and baby tossed about all over.  While the Dyson works great on carpets, it works just as well on wooden floors and that’s why we’re head over heels.  All you need to do is just turn the brush roll off and let the suction go wild as you literally dance across the floor.  Effortless cleaning ya’ll, effortless.

Dyson DC41
getting ready to vacuum with mommy

Why do I need an animal one might ask?  This little one is pretty wild

About Dyson: 1,500 Dyson people are engineers and scientists. Dyson has in-house expertise in fluid, mechanical, electrical, EMC, thermal, chemical, acoustic, and software engineering, and an in-house microbiology team which breeds colonies of dust mites.  Dyson invests £1.5 million a week on research and development and has doubled the number of engineers employed at its UK research and development laboratories in the past two years.  Dyson technology is available in over 67 countries.Dyson DC41


The Sweet:

  • Maneuverability – effortless moving around the house thanks to the ball.  Cliche, but it turns on a dime!
  • Automatically adjusts to any floor surface – long bristles penetrate deep into carpets and shorter remove dust and pet hair.
  • Radial Root Cyclone™ technology, never loses suction
  • Includes a Tangle-free Turbine Tool – pet hair will not tangle, edge to edge cleaning.
  • Captures Allergens and expels cleaner air (catches particles such as pollen and mold)
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Hose is attached to the handle – clean, sleek, and less cumbersome.
  • Built to survive – 10 years of estimated use/durability.
  • Comes with a tote/carrier for all tools

Dyson DC41Dyson DC41

The Not So Sweet:

  • Price, it can be a huge factor however after we’ve been through 3 vacuums that weren’t cheap in the past 4 years it’s definitely an investment that would pay off in the long run.
  • While it has a long cord for the price we’re big fans of retractable cords.
dyson ball
inside the Dyson Ball

Price:  The lowest price on the Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner we have found was $562.50 through our affiliate.

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