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Giving birth to my daughter was the most memorable time of my life.  Being pregnant was an absolute blessing and I loved every moment of my pregnancy.  Those memories will live with me forever and are irreplaceable.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have something that would remind you of those moments that you will treasure for the rest of your life?  Something that you could look at and just smile because it reminds me of that beautiful experience that you went through?
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 That is where Juno Lucina comes in.  It’s a beautiful luxury jewelry company that has taken a beautiful design from history and has such a beautiful symbolic meaning.    The symbol of Juno Lucina has been around for thousands of years as a concept of a push gift.  Juno Lucina is the Roman Goddess of Childbirth, who safeguarded the lives of women in labor.  “She who brings children into the light”.  Theology states that she was invoked during childbirth for both and easy delivery and promise of a healthy child.   

Juno Lucina

The symbol is so powerful, and I’m so happy to have this symbol and wear it proudly.  What gift could be better to a new mother?  A push present typically people will purchase jewelry, but where is that passion behind it?  The message that it speaks?  Juno Lucina has taken our beautiful experience and that symbol of Lucina and placed it with beautiful timeless diamonds. 

“All designs symbolize the hands of Juno Lucina®, the Roman Goddess of Childbirth, cradling and protecting the head of both mother and child. This silhouette delicately represented in every piece maintains a timeless beauty and elegant feel.”

Juno Lucina

Their signature pendant is the perfect Push Present.   The beauty starts when your gift is given to that special woman in your life, be it your mother, sister, aunt, daughter, wife, or even your best friend.  The beautiful purple box with gold lettering is so dramatic, and once that special someone opens the box they will instantly fall in love, as did I.  Tears will most likely follow because the meaning is that heartfelt and powerful.  Her memory can be treasured for ever as her child grows. 

“By presenting her with a Juno LucinaTM gift, you are more than showing your love and appreciation for all she has experienced; you are wishing her and the newborn protection and an endless future of health and happiness”

– EK, Founder

I had the pleasure to speak to the founder, and his passion that he has put into his company is unremarkable.  He was determined to find that perfect gift to give to someone you truly care for during this special time.  After all we go through so much, we deserve a little pampering am I right?  So the next time you’re looking for that perfect gift to give to your loved one who is expecting.. have faith and confidence in Juno Lucina, to show exactly what you’re trying to say. 

If you’re in love as much as I am, be sure to check the review/giveaway I did over at MomSpotted!    If you were to win would you give it as a gift or for that time you want to always treasure? Also be sure to check out Juno Lucina on twitter and their facebook as their giving away $1,000 piece for their Journey to Motherhood Contest! 

Disclosure: I was sent the above item for review, but was not compensated otherwise.  All opinions expressed are my own.  

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