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Taking charge of my health is extremely important to me, not just for myself but also my daughter.  I eat for two since she’s still breastfeeding.  I’ve started taking a Probiotic Dietary Supplement to not only get my gut healthy but hers as well.  With her FPIES food allergy it’s extremely important for her to have a healthy gut!  I was previously taking another brand and then heard about Insync Probiotic now available at CVS.  The main reason I started taking probiotics was for  B. infantis (which is in Insync).  #CollectiveBias is why I know about these natural probiotic, so kudos! 
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I wanted one with the MOST B.Infantis, and these are gradual release too.   I used to eat yogurt to get these probiotics however they’re always full of sugar and obviously dairy which I’ve been trying to limit as well.   My doctor recommended I take a probiotic as well as my daughter’s doctor.
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Just last week my aunt and uncle were praising their healthy eating and living, also they told me they added a probiotic to their supplement routine.  My uncle even went as far as showing me a video how there’s horrible bacteria in our gut.  It was pretty disturbing all the bad things we put into our body, but not the good. #NaturalProbiotic are actually GOOD bacteria that eat the bad.. Win, win!  Ever since I had my gallbladder removed everything has been funky.  I’ve switched my eating habits and that’s been a tremendous help as well.
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Growing up I don’t even remember eating yogurt, one thing I do remember was ALWAYS having a stomach ache.  I always felt sick and was always ill.  My parents didn’t make the best choices in food or health and I’m making sure that I do that for myself and my family.  Since becoming aware and taking charge of my own health I’ve seen so many improvements overall.  I never get the flu, rarely get sick, and most importantly I rarely have those horrible stomach aches.  I love taking probiotics and having digestive system balance, finally!
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What healthy changes have you made and have you tried taking probiotics?

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