I’m Helicopter Mom, Watch Me Hover!

Last night Chris was drawing with Kay.  Mommy was in a helicopter above them he said.. Lately he’s been calling me a Helicopter mom, just to be funny.  In all honesty I’m a helicopter mom (well just a mom, but people tend to call parents who are aware of their children helicopter parents) and proud of it.  In fact I am not ashamed over my hovering.  During my hovering I’ve witnessed my daughter and her cousins have little fights and I’ve been able to settle the feud after I saw her flying head first into the bottom part of the couch/floor.  I’ve also seen her fall down to the ground and get plenty of bumps and bruises playing.  I hover, but within a distance.  I feel there’s NOTHING wrong with keeping my eyes on my child.  I can see if I was following a 10 year old around at the playground, but my 2 year old.. seriously?!  Who wouldn’t follow their toddler?

This morning after hubby’s drawing last night I saw Scary Mommy’s letter telling us “Dear Helicopter Moms, You’re Ruining it for everyone else“.   All I could think is.. I’m Helicopter Mom, Watch Me Hover!

I'm Helicopter Mom, Watch Me Hover!

Obviously she has a bit of helicopter in her too, as you can see she’s hovering over us.  Now that she shared her side, let me share mine!

  • I’m sorry you get annoyed at my hovering over MY child.  However I’m not hovering of yours.  Maybe that one helicopter mom was, but that wasn’t me.
  • If I see a child who needs help, I’m going to help them.
  • If I see a child who looks lost, I’m going to help them.
  • If I see a child who is stuck, I’m going to help them.
  • If I see a child who wants to play with us, they can join in on the fun.


The fact is, life is short and I love spending every moment I can with my child.  We don’t come to the park for me to take a break from parenting.  I come to the park so I can be a kid again with my kid.  We get messy, we run around, we laugh, we have fun TOGETHER.  My daughter has fun with other kids and I let her play.  I just hover a little distance away.

  • My 2 year old does NOT realize how high that slide is.
  • She does not realize that she can’t just jump down like that 10 year old just did.
  • She does not realize that she can’t hold onto the monkey bars and go across like the bigger kids.

My daughter and I climb up and down the slide and while we’re trying to climb up another child RUSHES to go down the slide and push her down.

Can I tell you how many times I’ve been at the park and one of the moms on the bench (bench-warmers you call them) freaks when they can’t find their child?  There’s always over 50+ children at our park.  Good luck finding yours.  My daughter is being a kid, my daughter is getting dirty, my daughter is having a blast.  I’m not sorry for the memories and fun we’re having,  I’m sorry that you’re missing out.  It seems to me like you’re more worried about me than I am about you.  I preferred to be called a mom, but I’m not ashamed of being protective. Like I said..I’m Helicopter Mom, Watch Me Hover!

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