How to feed a picky eater

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Do you need to know how to feed a picky toddler?  Feeding a picky toddler hasn’t been easy for us, at least not in the beginning!  Not such a bonus, we struggle with FPIES.  Currently we’re up to 30 safe foods and 3 trigger foods.  When I look at all the food she has trialed for FPIES and her now safe foods for FPIES I am SO HAPPY.  We have come so far in a little less than a year.  Now our struggle is getting her to actually eat.  She loves to nurse and we’re happy to extend breastfeeding, but her doctors are worried about her weight.   I would typically set her plate up in hopes she’d eat but every new food she tried she wouldn’t care for the previous foods.  Right now her favorite is oranges.. she has an orange obsession!

I’ve come up with little fun ways to ensure she’s eating, hopefully gaining, and always happy!  You should never force feed a child.  IF you want them to eat you have to make it fun and not traumatic.  My grandma, may she rest in piece.. she would make me eat (canned) beans until I was crying hysterically and bribe me with ice pops that were nonexistent.   Scared me for life.  I will never, ever, eat barbecue beans or beans from a can.

So.. back to the tips.. this is what works for us and it’s working EXTREMELY well!

tips for feeding a picky toddler

How to feed a picky eater:

  1. Mommy’s food (daddy’s too!) is always better than mine.
  2. Finger friendly, on the go, and colorful – always sure to grab their attention!
  3. Counting!  When my daughter is uninterested or distracted a great way to get her attention and food into her tummy is COUNTING!  Can you eat 5 pieces of pasta?  How many pasta can you make disappear?

These three tips work for us really well and we hope they can help you with your picky eater too!

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