Homemade Scented Foam Hand Soap

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How to make homemade foam hand soap that’s scented!

homemade scented foam soap

Last week I found a ton of Method Foam Hand Soap on Target clearance.  I usually make my own all the way, but Chris loves a scented hand soap.  He prefers I buy Method hand soap and Kay loves foam soap since it makes hand washing easy!  I tricked hubby by making this soap last 5x as long and so far he hasn’t noticed any difference!

homemade scented foam soap

I bought a bunch of scents that I liked, they all smelled delicious!

homemade scented foam soap

Now to make it scented keep just a little bit of the original scented foam soap in the container.  Then add the same amount of some Dr. Bronner’s Baby-mild Liquid Soap, and fill up just enough with purified water so that you can still close it without water pouring out.  Shake it up and start washing your hands.  It’s that easy!

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